How to Become a Community Ambassador?


Are you an awesome and fun individual who is always willing to help other Community members? If YES, then you are well on your way to being the next Community Ambassador!

How to Apply?

Write a short bio about yourself under this thread, tell us why you would like to become a Community Ambassador and how can you help make a difference? Before you start, please make sure you meet all the following requirements!


  • Trust Level 2 - Member
  • Very active on the forum
  • A good contributor - minimum 1 topic and 25 posts created
  • Did not receive any major infractions or warnings
  • Respectful and Polite
  • Professional
  • Attention to details


You have until Sep 5th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST to submit your short bio. No candidates will be accepted past that date.

Ambassadors Announcement:

Two members will be selected as Community Ambassadors for this opening and will be contacted by Direct Message in late September. More openings will be available in the future.

Thank you and best of luck! :+1:

Bleeds Cannot Be Cleansed - Logical Suggestion


I would like to be an ambassador I have experience being an ambassador doing stuff from Microsoft, I always try my hardest to be very friendly and I don’t like to see people ganging up on each other like to put a stop to it or any arguing at all, I am also LGBTQ friendly I’m not racist I feel everyone should be treated equal And I have a lot of patience and time I am usually always available I have very good people skills And it wouldn’t be my 1st rodeo but it would be a privilege to work for this forms. Even if I don’t qualify now I’m good quality to remember for future Options. I read all the rules I understand all the rules And sometimes people don’t and that’s where we need to help.


My name is Rae and I would love to be a Community Ambassador! I fell in love with JWA and the people on this forum and would love to help people out. I feel like I have a way with words as I make sure I take my time with any post. I love learning new things and I love teaching people about topics I already know. I am polite and quick to deter any negativity on the forum, knowing the rules and respecting them. I hope I can have a chance to help the community out!


Hi my name is Richard and I believe I could be a great ambassador! I always try and bring a sense of humor and fun to the forum whenever I can but I have my serious side also!

If I can help someone with an issue in the game I will always try and be helpful or give good advice to forum members

Everyone seems to like my sense of humor and I seem to get allot of likes on almost all my posts!

I don’t know if I can help in this particular area but it seems so many members get wrapped up in their own problems in the game that they automatically jump to conclusions that the game is out to get them or everyone that has better luck or team than them is cheating!

As a community we all have to respect one another and stop outing other players without knowing the facts!

This seems to happen way too often and it is not the way the community should behave towards one another!

Too many unkind arguments seem to occur over the stupidest things

That is also not a way to treat each other

Thank You for hearing me out


I’m axwell mans. I served as ambassador in many places. and it is a pleasure to help people. I am happy for that. I use too much abbreviation in normal times.but I can also adapt to such places. I try to help in my daily life. I used to be interested in text writing. now on the software. If I do not draw your attention to this area.I can also help in other areas. if you need it.


Hi, I was thinking about such thing but probably not as it described above.

From my experience many people have some difficulties with getting accustomed the JWA app features - mature and skilled in computers, but most of them where asking me: how to get AR feature?!

So I was thinking about bring it to you as some idea of social networks ambassadors and at first level it could be just copying official/original content (English) and translating it to Russian or other languages.

What do you think about that idea?


The name’s Suffalufasaurus. Currently I am working at becoming a manager and am going to school to earn my degree in management.

I would like the opportunity to learn a newer angle at presentation and professionalism behind the scenes. I find that I have a knack at attention to detail and focusing on rooting out problem-sloving issues. I have 2 years experience at this and would love to have more.

I am online daily checking the forum; however, I have not posted the 25 times yet. If required, then I could change that shortly.

I have sent in approximately 20 ideas at design glitches and productivity errors, as well as, additional information to gaining additional and re-attaining old gamers back into the fold.

I find gaming to be relaxing and fun for all ages. Granted, the occasional errors with time management, but then again I think we all have had that problem at some point or another.

Furthermore, professional etiquette is essential to the role of any position involving an outsourced assistance program.

I would greatly appreciate the chance to help better the game for everyone to make it a fun-filled excitement for all ages.


AR is a download accessable in the Play Store. I would inquire you to check up on the AR download if you would like. It is an option to have the dinosaurs in the real world just like the Jurassic Films.


Hi @Suffalufasaurus, thanks but personally I have no issues with AR since time where I found the tiny AR button at dynos profile :joy: I’m talking about other people.

By the way the support was not helpful with AR issue, they where asking about OS version, phone model, but the thing was about where is The button what turn AR on? :thinking:


Hello there, My name is Artur, i live in UK and i am currently shop manager for one of the largest betting companies in the world, where attention to details, problem solving skill, professionalism and right way to talk to people is a must.
Since i am playing JWA i am quite often getting involved into conversations on the forum, have created few unique topics, helped to answer few big community questions ( Mystery of dino running away for example :slight_smile: ) i also found most of those informations i was looking for which is more than i can expect from my co-workers :rofl: :wink:

Now, although i don’t have much experience in being online Community Ambassador, i would definitely give it a try, i feel like i am gonna stick to JWA for a little longer anyway so i might as well contribute and learn something new along the way.

Like i mentioned, i live in UK, so it might come handy for you guys to have CA in different time zone (if you don’t have one already), i also speak fluent Polish (if you ever decide to regionalise) and due to nature of my job i usually have plenty of time at my disposal.

I have a question though: are there any benefits of being Community Ambassador, or is it just a title and more tasks??


Honestly, I don’t know if I should candidate myself for this place, I’m Italian so I could make mistakes writing in English and I don’t know much about technology in the strict sense, but in my favor I can say I have a pretty kind temperament, I’m very active on the forum and, when I can, I always try to help other people. I was a moderator on some forums and I’m currently mod in a telegram group. I do a job costantly in contact with italian and english public and, doing a part time job, I can focus on this hobby to grow with the other members of the community of JWA. Nothing else to say, if you like, look at my activities on the forum and judge for yourself if I can help, yes sure I received a message of moderation me too, I’m not perfect after all XD



My name is Ervin. I believe that any and all games should be fair for all who play(it should be harder for those who pay, not those who dont.). I have a very keen eye on revolutionary ideas on making and keeping up with the demands for player equality and fairness. I know that I may only post things here and there, but trust and believe me that when I do post, be it comments, messages, or replying in the forums, I stand for revolutionary fairness and equality for all gamers. I despise those who pay and think they are Don Won status, I believe that to be the ultimate form of cheating. The best way to enjoy ANY game to its fullest isnt to “Pay-Your-Way” through the games you play, but to earn every bit. I do not standby idly one bit, I would be the one to call to make affirmative and swift action to make those games fair for all who play.


Mr. Ervin


Hi not quite sure what involves being ambassador. But I am willing to give it a go. I’ve been a sales associate for many years. Had my own company at one point. Have some knowledge of computers and I’m still learning JW a live game. Would like to learn more. Have been frustrated at times with the game. Would like to get a group together in my area where I live. Do some community dinosaur hunting together. I know I could probably do that with out being in a ambassador. But it would be probably beneficial with your help and knowledge to put something like that together. Thank you I live in Grand Prairie Alberta


Thanks good luck everyone i am new here but it helps with my first post. l was legitimately interested in applying for the job .


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

First off, I am very happy to see this listing. I do not know if it was my suggestion that prompted this initiative or if it was already in the works at that time, but I am very happy to see the communication gap being resolved.

Secondly, I would like to be considered for the Community Ambassador. I will not go into too much detail, but I am fully involved and committed to Jurassic World: Alive. I have been playing Ludia built game since the days of Jurassic Park Builder. I have seen a tremendous amount of game features that have continually made the game better. The one area I have always been concerned with is the communication. I am happy to see this is being addressed and I would like to do my part. I know I originally said I would not be interested in such a role, but I reconsidered.

I typically read most topics of interest, concerns, and reply as necessary based on accurate information or educated guess. I am active during the day, with less activity during the evening, as I am usually out playing the game or with my loving girlfriend (who I am actively trying to convert to JW:A!).

Finally, as for the requirements. I am not sure how to determine my Trust Level. I attempted to locate it, but I could not. So I apologize in advance if I am not the correct level for the requirement.

Thanks for the consideration.

@Marcus - Maybe it will be my turn to make the community smile!

-Darth (Ryan)


When you click on your profile icon on the top right corner of the screen, then click your account name, you should be able to click the “Badges” tab and see the “Member” badge–which indicates that you’ve reached Trust Level 2.


Hello, my name is Andrew and I would love to become a Community Ambassador. I’m pretty new to the forums, but I’d love to be a frequent contributor to them. I may have not posted much, or at all yet, but if I become an ambassador I’ll definitely be a constant poster/contributor. I am a regular JW Alive player and have gotten many ideas that I could present to the community. Speaking of, I’m a very kind and respectful person and would hate to see the community argue about anything.

Most of ideas would make JW Alive be more loyal to the films. Ideas such as movie-based skins for dinosaurs or possible Gen 2 or 3 dinos that are based off the movies.

Like I said, I’d love to be an ambassador for Ludia, more specifically JW Alive. I hope you guys will be generous enough to let me become one.