How to best use TanyBeak (Quetzorion)

Ok so last night I unlocked the new TanyBeak unique and would like some advice on how best to utilise it, and what it best counters.
At a glance I thought as a swap in to take down Erlidom, but on closer inspection I seen that its Nullify Rampage thing has a delay on it, so thats out the window.

Could I get some advice from some players who have some experience using it and how they best use theirs?



You can actually swap it into an Erlidominus Rampage though.

You get only 33.3% damage, use Long Invincibility, Nullifying Rampage and Armor Piercing Strike if it is still alive.


When you say rampage do you mean its typical opening rampage? or its cloak boosted one?


Just anything that isn’t speed-up strike, because you have to be faster to pull the combo off.

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Iirc, Orion has 3200ish HP on level 21.

So I would assume it has ~3600 on level 26.

Cloaked Rampage on Crit is 1600 x 2 x 2 = 7200
7200 x 1.25 = 8800

8800 x 1/3 is 2900ish

You will survive

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Thanks for running the numbers for me, I keep forgetting that its 100% chance to dodge 66% damage not 50% chance, so yeah it can survive a pretty big hit.

Other than Erlidom do you know of anything else it hard counters that generally show up in the Meta? ive only used it so far in strike towers to get use to its moveset, not in real combat in the arena yet.

And anything of note that it loses to (im betting Thor takes it out fairly fast due to the Long Invincibility being pointless against it.

Oh would it make a great rat counter if you know its coming? like if they ratted you earlier? Swap it in for that 100% dodge when you predict the ratting and use invincibility when in? but can it drop the rat before it escapes is the real question.


It can stall Diloracheirus.

Because you can long Invincibility, doesn’t matter what she does, you soak the next hit and Nullifying Rampage it

It will have a shiver of health remaining, you swap in a counter-attacker and it’s dead or it’s forced out of the battlefield with 200 hp or so, dead if it shows up it’s ugly face again.

It has 1650 Rampage, you can drop the rat dead if it doesn’t flee. If it does, whatever comes in next, it’s dead.
You drop down Erlikoblirgh as well.

I would assume it’s usable against Trykosaurus as well, because you can dodge cleanse and ignore armor and shields.

Against Thoradolosaurus, you are screwed, because no Immunity, so you can’t dodge and gain the next round advantage.

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Thanks for all the input :slight_smile:
You are 100% correct about Thor, since levelling my Tenon today all Thors are now 135 speed and enough damage to one shot it…if it lasts long enough without getting ratted.

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