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How to Boost Dracoceratops?

I have only been playing the game for about a month and am not sure what guys I should boost. From who I have seen in my alliance as well as stuff I have seen on Reddit, Dracoceratops is one of the best dinosaurs in the late game. He is currently one of my best dinosaurs and I have been debating on how to boost him.

Here is a picture of the Layouts in JWA Toolbox

Which Boost layout should I go with for Draco?
  • #1 (8/8/14)
  • #2 (15/6/10)
  • #3 (6/10/14)
  • #4 (5/10/15)
  • Boost another Dinosaur (if so which dino)
  • Another boost layout for Draco (leave layout in comments)

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Thanks for Reading/Responding! Any feedback is much appreciatied.

If you just started the game, I would wait to reach aviary before applying boosts to my creatures.


What dinos would you use boosts on once I get there?

If you reach aviary in the current meta and you like swap in creatures then ceramagnus or monolorhino. If you take 6 months to get there, no one knows what the meta will be. Boosts are the most valuable resources the way the arena is currently implemented. I still see many level 30 unboosted dracoceratops in Lockwood library. As it is mainly used for the 40% rend on the swap in, boosts are not that useful on dracoceratops.

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If I already have 10 boosts on him should I keep boosting, refund, or just stop boosting.

Stop boosting

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Never refund. Wait for a boost reset.

Its sole purpose is to be a cheap shot. You really do not need to boost it.

If you’re absolutely serious about it, I’d go 10/15/5, you don’t really need much speed if you’re gonna deal out next turn. However, I wouldn’t boost until late game given how hard they are to get

5615 seems to be the sweet spot with this little dude HP wise.
I went 4/14/12 and JCruss went 4/13/13. (He fights faster stuff than I do.)

It’s really effective for punching Thors in the face.
They bring in a 137 Thor? Wham.
They have a decision.
Take the L and lose Thor, or use IC and die next round.
Either way Thor is out of play.
They field a Morty?
It’s just plain dead unless they swap and something takes a cleansing impact in the face.
There are better swappers out there, but 4/14/12 and 4/13/13 are most certainly viable in shores currently. (BIG emphasis on currently. A lot can change in a years time)
As others have said NEVER refund.
Even if Ludia plans to never do a reset again, put your money on them messing up so badly that they have to.
Ludia kinda has a well established competence problem and damage control is the norm.
It’s just a matter of time.