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How to boost erlidominus?

I am working on erlidominus and i ask a question how do i boost it with or speed or attack

I would focus on speed and attack, health isn’t that necessary because when you get the first hit with an erlidominus, you’ve pretty much won.
My erlidominus is level 24 and is boosted like this: 4/6/8

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Wouldn’t bother. Erlidominus is pretty useless once you hit aviary upwards. I levelled mine to 26, biggest waste of money. Erlikospyx is much better cunning choice in the current meta, and also has uses in raids.


I have a lvl 24 erlido and I boosted it with 14 attack and 9 speed and its very satisfying until I run into any resilient haha. But its what I expect and its probably my strongest or second strongest dino rn

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