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How to boost Grypolyth

Finally got a unique I see on the teams of many top 100 players.

What’s the best way to boost this lady?

I was thinking 20 health 10 attack? It has such low starting speed I’d to go 20 speed to really get much outta that stat?

20 health 10 attack is perfect

Since healing is now based on attack, it makes sense to put some of the health towards more attack. You also want some speed to be faster than Dior, base speed Lux, maybe even some of the longnecks.

My build is 15/12/3 (7019/1975/112)

15 health, 15 attack. You want to go slow because of the counter hit.

118 speed is nice to get the defence up first. 15/10/5 I used to run. Solid

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I’m so sad because I have a lvl 27 grypo but I can’t afford to boost it too much… Forever in low library :confused:

20/4/6 is mine, very satisfied

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