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How to boost Mammolania?

I’m gonna unlock it soon and I just wonder how people have it boosted

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I honestly haven’t boosted mine much except for 1 attack boost (it’s still an absolute BEAST with little to no boosts!), but I’d say go with boosting all 3 options depending on what tactics you use with Mammolania:

If you use it as an opener, I’d say health and speed.

As a bait-n-switch (switching to set up a swap-in) then definitely go for health.

It depends on how you use Mammolania in battle, so boost how you feel will help you most! :wink::+1:

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You’ll want to mostly go for attack, with a decent amount of health and some speed.


The speed is necessary to always outspeed Cunnings under the effects of Deceleration, as some like Erlidominus do have a decent Decel Resistance (meaning that if their speed is high enough, even when Decelerated, they could still be faster than you), as well as the high number of faster Maximas and Gems that run around in the higher arenas.

Mammolania of course always gains a lot of health with each level because it’s a massive tank, so it won’t need too much additional health, but a decent amount is always helpful.

It’s attack is where you should put most of your boosts. A Mammolania with a lot of attack boosts AND the Persistant Ferocity Strike can absolutely wreck your opponent’s team, and with Dig In’s healing it could make a difference between victory and defeat, plus the speed increase can go a long way to help in that regard as well.