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How to boost scorpius rex gen 3?

I am thinking doing the below? Any comment appreciated.



Maybe this so you outspeed thor but not sure
I agree with the 6k health think that’s the golden spot for it

for me, i’m mainly putting most of the boosts into health, and maybe some damage. Don’t think i’d put much in speed esspcially since it’s swap in and critical ambush increase it’s speed by 30%. So being able to tank more damage is going to come in handy. Plus I feel the damage is high enough when you take in account the bleed it has.



Anyone who considers speed boosting this clearly has no clue how to use its abilities the best way…or just no clue about speed boosts overall.

At it speeds up, your boosting is 100% perfect.

U may decrease some hp for a little bit speed but no problem if u don’t do it.

you’ll want 133+ speed for magnus or it’ll be faster than you after it speeds up

I’d boost it mostly for Health and Attack, really. Something like 14/12/4 or anything in that vein. Scorpius’ main weakness is its somewhat lackluster health, after all, and its speed is perfectly fine, especially after a backflip or two.

I second the motion… You use Scorpius only on a swap so speed is not the main issue. Maybe 13/13/4 or 12/14/4 but definitively in that range.

Magnus is a major problem for any dinos. Technically Scorpius will always be used as a second or third dino. If it’s the third and somebody still have Magnus, you were pretty much dead anyway no matter what dino you had. But if you’re using it as a second dino, and you’re luring Magnus out, then it’s not that bad after all. So I would not boost the speed for this simple reason. You want it to kill the other big dinos and survive being hit as much as possible likely while dodging.

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Mine’s speed is at 139. I was considering boosting the speed even more, but after this thread, I understand the need for the other boosts- not that I wasn’t about to boost the other ones anyway. I am eager to boost the health because OMG can it go down if the opponent hits through the evasion.

I haven’t worked out exactly how to divide the rest of the boosts, but I know I need to get that health up. I’ll post a pic of what I think my Scorpius will be in the endgame.

Settling towards the below. I still think 131 speed is best as it should be faster than anything not already sped up after swapping in.