How to boost Thor?

Many people don’t like Thor but let’s be practical. All top ten players put Thor in their teams so I have a different question. What’s your preferred way of boosting Thor? I’ve seen opponents with 0/10/20 or 10/10/10 or 20/0/10 or 0/20/10, but I have been running an unboosted Thor forever. I’ll appreciate any suggestions from players with more experience with boosted Thor.

You definitely want high attack for the fat tanks. Many tanks, especially longnecks, go into the 120+ range so I say 10-12 speed is good. Try not to go into the 140s because then you just don’t do enough damage to make it worth your while.


Mine is not close to being max boosted yet but I’ve just been adding them into health and attack equally. :slight_smile:

Go for the attack. Thor’s intangible stat works best with attack, so that’s what you should focus on. However, those top players only have thor on for rhino and are waiting to level their mortems, so do not rely on it, because even boosted, thor is a bit below average

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Yeah, most speedsters I encountered have 150+ speed so I figured 145 speed doesn’t make much difference.

Wow, surprise to see u reply as a player :smiley:

The best way to boost Thor is 0/0/999999999.


Not sure about Mortem as people may prefer Instant Charge. But I won’t be surprised to see it be replaced by Hadros or Cera.

Thor can be slowed by max and gem, while mortem is immune. IC is just a tool to get a bit of damage off before going down

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That’s a good point. Mortem looks so much better too :star_struck: