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How to boost your skoona

In 2.7, Skoonasaurus got buffed from an unremarkable unique to a total tyrant. I recently got mine!

…but I’m not quite sure how to boost it. Part of me thinks I should put a lot of speed boosts on it, to mitigate its horrible speed. It ties with Entelolania as the third-slowest unique behind Thor and Grypolyth.
Or should I just accept that it’ll decelerate its adversaries to oblivion with the Medium Resilient Counters it got in 2.7, and only go for health and attack boosts. After all, it has the highest health of all the uniques.

  • Lots of speed boosts
  • Few/no speed boosts

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Really no need especially with the bulk it has; the only thing it would be bad is against chomper turn one but then they will be distracted and slowed turn 2 and as long as you have enough bulk you’ll be fine.

Something like these should do well:

It’s bulk, counter and versatility mean it really needs no speed outside of mirror matchups or opponents who can’t be slowed but even on base grounds they are faster anyway so doesn’t really matter


Do you think 16/12/2 is any good?

Definitely, you could honestly get rid of its speed entirely and just go full on hp or attack just remember your always gonna play catch-up.

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If you look at the 1v1s it’s slower than almost everything but it wins anyway, so I wouldn’t go for speed at all. Even stuff with Decel resistance like Erlidom isn’t really a problem because you have that counter. If you go all in on bulk and attack it’ll do even better against opponents that boosted their speed.