How to bring JWA back to its glory days

Hey Ludia,

Here is a real good advices for you, to keep interest of your fan base. I hope you will listening and give feed back.

At first, we have :

100 dinos (with 1.12, we’ll have 190),

8 or 9 uniques (with 1.12, near 20,

18 legendary (with 1.12, over 36),

21 epics (with 1.12, over 45!!),

At first, it was ok to have less spawn of epic. It was ok to never saw a lengendary spawn…

All kind of dinosaures are double since the beginning.

On 190 dinos, 170 are completly useless, even uniques!!

Its time for you to do 2 or 3 things to boost the game and interest without a cost for you :

1 - make epic spawn often, like rare

2- let alliance trade epic

3- make legendary spawn, like epic at the beginning

And for the love of god … Put greens spots all over there.

Thanks for listening and please, give a feed back.

ps: sorry for my poor english. Is not my first language lol


One more…

With weekly calendar, 2 days of communs (x3) 2 days of rares (x3), 2 days of epics (x3) and 1 day of legendary (x2)

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I have made similar requests in the past. Although it sounds like a great idea. Not many people would be favoring it.


I know :frowning:

I put my post in general discussion but moderator switch here and we know that only few people came here.

And for the feed back… We can forget it since Ludia stop any kind of answer.


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I’m not on board with making epics as common as the current rares or making legendaries spawn naturally. But I do like the ideas of alliances being able to give each other epic DNA and having more green boxes again.

I love the idea of being able to trade Epic DNA and I wish Ludia would consider it.


Certainly happy with a few more epic spawns. Don’t agree with Legendary spawns. Otherwise I agree with the central sentiment of the OP. There are too many creatures to spawn them all fairly for new starters.

Is it time for a rotation in common spawns? How many people are after Suchomimus or Irritator Gen 2?

I remember in August when they increased the epic spawn rate. It wasn’t up to rare levels, but I would be happy with the change if they did that.

This. This would be so useful. People are asking for it so am surprised it hasn’t been implemented in some fashion even if it was limited to weekends or something.


The problem is the same problem thats always existed… spoofing accounts. Epic dna donation/trades gives spoofers a way to launder spoofed dna onto a clean account.

It still takes Ludia months to identify and take action against repeat offenders. Im not even talking about new spoofers… people Ludia have already banned once creating new accounts and doing stuff like creating max level uniques in less then 2 months. And even with multiple people reporting them Ludia still struggles with taking action.

Now imagine if they could filter this dna to a clean account… spoof account gets banned just create a new one and clean account is still clean.


Should we be held hostage for cheaters though?


Its a double bladed sword for Ludia… say they implement epic dna trading… all of a sudden you have a bunch of new accounts showing up with max level uniques. Which will lead to another uproar.

The real solution is for Ludia to get better spoofing detection and be more aggressive with enforcing their rules but im not sure they can do it.


The problem is that Ludia would need to want to do it, and thus put dev time onto an advanced anti cheat system, but unless it directly gives them money I dont see them bothering, sounds a bit pessimistic but its how they seem to work.

As for the OP, id say they probably shouldn’t let legendary spawn otherwise they wont be legendary, they will be common.
That being said they should definitely do something about the fact that 90% the dinosaurs I saw were crappy Suchomimus.

LOVE IT! DO IT! I mean the only thing Loot-Ya would lose is… profits.
Oh wait, it will never happen then

I am all for increased spawn rates for the purebreds. As for legendaries spawning, even at the epic spawn rate, they would spawn maybe once a day somewhere the size of a small town. Remember all legendaries are hybrids so the epic spawn rate for hybrids is insultingly low.

Yeah I agree with you on this… at this point in the games life… allowing select legendaries spawn on the map wouldnt do much but make hunting a little more intresting. Look at nodopatos 0.02182142857% chance to spawn…

Strange. It’s spawn chance is so low but I find it more than rex g2 lol

Not in favour of the August spawnrate. Haven’t seen any epics outsite those under a green supply drop that month

Agreed, but again I have to say should the rest of us be held hostage to these people? I say no.


I know the person you keep referring to in all your posts on here in real life and I can tell you I play with them three days a week. They don’t spoof anymore. They used to on their old account. On the new account they spend their allowance on googleplay cards to purchase items in the game. They also play multiple hours a day. I know for a fact they take an hour drive to school and an hour drive home and the ride goes through multiple zones with different dinos. During tournaments they keep a notebook of what dinos everyone uses so they can strategize their battles. So can you please stop calling them a cheater just because they have high level dinos in a short amount of time. They created their new account back in early fall. It’s their favorite game and they play nonstop.

Edit: I would also like to add they are that good in tournaments and battles and deserve their wins. They have memorized every base stat and move of just about every dino. I have only ever won a speed tie against them once or twice as they click that fast. They basically tutor me every week in the game so I see first hand their knowledge of the game. I am constantly learning from them.