How to buff indoraptor

Indoraptor is the first s hybrid of the saga yet he is weak. It gets wrecked by it’s ancestor indominus and the scorpius rex and every type of resilient so indoraptor should be better than its predecessors . So how could indoraptor be made better?

First of all he needs a health and damage boost
Then maybe it’s abilities should change. We get two new abilities in 2.10 that fit for indo so i would change three abilities

Cunning strike becomes group accelerate cunning strike
Armor piercing becomes daring impact (new ability)
Cleansing impact becomes cleansing rampage

  • Yes these are good choices for indoraptor
  • No indoraptor doesn’t need a buff

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Yup, I like it. Maybe an attack buff to 1450, but hp nerf to 4050

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I think indo needs a buff but I dislike all the choices. It’s like you are trying to make it indo g2.

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I would say cunning strike to daring strike, APR to DSR, and 75% decel resistance would be a good enough buff


yes that’s perfect, maybe swap prevention immunity aswell


75 speed resistance is way too much much for indoraptor, at most it shud get 50 percent like erlidom and honestly if it got fierce strike and daring rampage, although not yet in the game, that would be my ideal buff. Fierce rampage is too strong for indom and indoraptor so they shudnt have it.

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ludia won’t buff created old thing. coz that won’t increase their revenue

Indoraptor is overshadowed by other newer members of the unique tier, but it isn’t really useless by any means. It’s simply not best in slot for it’s role as a fierce cunning creature, and that’s always been the case. I see indoraptor as the gateway to the unique tier, and it performs that role excellently. So I see no need for a buff. If you want to redesign it such that it performs a new role etc, that’s fine, but it really doesn’t need to be made stronger.


Skoonasaurus : am i a joke to you

50% is basically useless unless you can increase your speed (like Erlidom) or can decrease the opponents speed (like nemys) and Indoraptor can do neither. Only way 50% could make a difference with Indoraptor is if it’s nearly maxed in speed, which isn’t a good way to boost Indoraptor as it will be way to frail to actually last in a fight.

I’d say 67% AT LEAST

tbh i dont think it shud have speed control (in the form of resistance), so if stacks speed on it and get it to like 140-150 when slowed it shud have in the range of 110-125. SO that being said, 60-67% seems ideal to me keeping it ahead of even trex and most other chompers in slowed default (no boosts) scenarios.

SO id say 67% percent shud be great, but nothing more coz things like monolometrodon and your proposed indoraptor aren’t deserving of that type of resistance. Like a slow HAS to mean something otherwise the resilient change is for naught, keeping few usable slowing moves. Also, slow resistance hasnt yet in a 66-67% variety so that would have to be implemented

Replace Armour Piercing Rampage with Fierce Rampage and you’ve fixed it. Basically put him back to what he originally was and Indoraptor becomes perfectly fine again. No stat changes needed.


cough they literally nerfed like half the game last update cough

Yep. Maybe soon we will have a rework for the other classes and indoraptor gets a good buff

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Fingers crossed…

I feel like most people want an indoraptor buff because they want to use it in higher arenas, including me. I know that it is some sort of entryway to the unique class for newer players but it is also a fun unique to use that unfortunately is way too weak for high library, gyrosphere, and obviously nublar shores (I highly doubt any indoraptor has ever been used up there). In my opinion the goal for this game should be to balance every creature so that it can be used in every arena while making creatures with harder components to come by a bit better. Is it possible? I don’t know, maybe. Will they do it? Emm, most likely not. The arena is already broken enough, if they tried to balance everything the game would become unplayable.


I was just discussing this with a couple people in my Alliance. From a personal perspective, I think every creature should be balanced so that all remain viable even if only up to a certain point in the Arena. It would help eliminate the same old team builds every time and promote more variety in the Arena. It probably will never happen because it would be a statistical nightmare to keep the game balanced though.


There we go, problem solved


That’s perfect

Not so sure about the Stepping Alert but other than that, this is a good redesign for Indoraptor. He would certainly become a lot more playable.