How to buff touramol concept

She had been overlooked by the devs over and over again so I think she needs a well deserved buff.

Here is my proposal

Touramoloch: unique super-hybrid

Health: 4,600
Attack: 1,100
Speed: 126
Armor: 15%
Passive: immune to slow

On escape heal


  • Decelerating Shielded Strike (1,100)

  • Distracting Impact(1,600)

  • Decelerating Rampage (2,200)

  • Greater Stunning Rampage (2,200)

Medium counter-attack(550)


Noice, loved that you gave It on escape heal, though i would trade decelerating rampage for instant charge. Two decel moves seems a bit redundant.


the stats actually are fine…
Don’t forget he is an apex high,he is already excellent in a lot of situations except against the tyrants.
He don’t need a huge buff in my opinion.
On escape heal is a good thing in my opinion

Health: 4800
Attack: 1020
Speed: 126
Passive: Immune to stun
Passive: larges spikes

-Superiority strike (1020)

–Slowing impact (1530)

-Greater stunning rampage (2040)

-Rampage and run (2040)

Medium counter attack (510)

Passive: larges spikes:Reduce all defense shaterring damage and rending damage by 40%,do 20% mirror damage of the total ammount.
(example:ardentis do 3600 defense shattering damage,toura receive 2160 damage and ardentis receive 720 damage)


But great on speedster plus two stunning moves let’s leave that on para

Also got rid of rampage and run cause I want this baby to stay in as long as possible also it’s now a great Thor killer

i think the 40% reduction on rend damage may be a bit much, but i like the concept of the passive ability.


Ya it basically make rend and defense shattering abilities a huge nerf

Also give it back damage isn’t that a counter attack more specifically rending counter?

  1. Distracting Impact would do 1650.

  2. Overall, very cool concept. Personally I’d prefer a few things different, but this build is better than anything Ludia ever gave it, in my opinion, and my issues with it are minor.

  3. On Escape Heal is perfect for it based on Para, and since it loses Tuojiango’s SI-Slow, giving it an On Escape ability is justified. It would also make a mirror match, or a match of Tuora against Para more interesting.

  4. I think the armour is unnecessary. Spikes translate to a counter, like in Miragaia. Sure you could give it armour anyway, but I don’t think it’s really needed.

  5. Speaking of spikes, Tuora’s spikes are supposed to be special, as it’s description states (I’m pretty sure that’s what, @shining was getting at too) but I don’t think Ludia would invent a new passive for it. Therefore, keeping in mind my Miragaia comparison, where spikes translate to a counter, I suggest giving it Nullifying Counter (maybe call it medium Nullifying counter because of the 0.5?).
    This would be a huge help not only against Evasive dinos (RIP Cautious Strike), but also Persistent Ferocious Strike, Evasive Strike, Shielding Strike, Long Defensive Strike, Shielded Decel Strike, Ferocious Strike, the list goes on.

(Distracting Counter with no damage could also work, but it would be less cool imo).

  1. I think Tuora should maybe remain free of partial Immunities. Just consider it.

  2. Distracting Impact is already on so many Uniques. I mean, I know it makes sense because it’s a good move, and sure Tuojiango has Distracting Strike, but maybe let Tuora be Tuojiango’s Decel hybrid and Dio can be the Distraction one?
    I just think Tuora should remain a Stunning, Decelerating Speedster counter, occasionally stunning chompers and tanks too, instead of going round Distracting Thors.

  3. Regarding the moveset, Shielded Decel Strike makes sense, but that means it can no longer cleanse Distraction. And adding Shields to Tuora might be…too much of a change. Also I don’t know how I feel about it losing Swap-utility. Para used to be known for R&R, and for Tuora to lose it, like the addition of Shields, might be too much of a change.

Maybe give it Superiority Strike, Decel Rampage, GSR and R&R…Oh. Yeah, three Rampages might be too much lol. How about leaving it’s moveset the way it is, or swapping them to give it Decel Rampage with Impact-&-run (what it originally had)? That way it can stay in longer.

  1. I know it’s tempting to outfit every dino rework to be centred around destroying boosted Thors, but that just isn’t balanced. Those Thors might well be a passing phase in the grand scheme (emphasis on scheme, this is a Ludia game after all) of this game.
    Thor is just overrepresented in the arena you’re currently in, it’s not great at all. So many good dinos with Distracting Impact already destroy it.

Don’t let your vision for Tuora limited by what is boosted most often, I guess.


Hmmm interesting point and some good ones I’ll keep that in mind but I’m in class so I’ll get back to you on it

Also, I feel like giving Tuora Shielded Decel Strike might make it too much like the Miragaia hybrids.
It’s a Decelerating counter-attacker. I mean, leave something for a Dsungaia or Megalogaia Unique to get.
I know Smilon already has this move too, so three Uniques with Miragaia’s signature move would be very weird.

Decel Rampage with Impact-and-run would also make sense since everything has Rampage-and-run these days, my goodness!.
It was a cool move at first, then they started dishing it out like it was Immunity to stun. In fact, three of the creatures that got it are currently Immune to stun.

Anyway, Smilon, Smiloceph, Tuora, Rinex, Phorusaura, Pachy, Erlikogamma and Diloracheirus all have it. That’s 4 Uniques already.
Phorusaura could get a Unique and Erlikogamma could get a Legendary at least, so that’s two more candidates.

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This is something I can get behind… nice post!

Another thing I’d like to add is that if any hybrid deserves a special counter, it’s Tuoramoloch. If there’s anything we’ve learnt from Indom and Indo G2, it’s that in-game lore trumps ingredient logic, so based on Tuora’s in-game description, Nullification can be justified in spite of the fact that none of its ingredients has it.


And Medium Nullifying Counter would also work against Definite Shield Advantage, Ferocious Impact, Minimal Speedup Strike and other important moves.


anyway,defense shatterring need a nerf or a decent counter.
You have nothing to counter an immune creature with defense shattering ability
This ability have get too many uses and in fact,it is the ability we see everywhere now in the game.
Becasue there is defense shatering everywhere make the shields almost useless .

Well I mean that’s more the creature that need rebalance not the move itself

Idk I mean I get maybe it spines could null but I think that may more sense or say monolorhino, Gemini, Eddie and it’s lineage or dilo

They point more to just being like stegos plates like sense details

I mean th deer has it and it’s a rare