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How to build the ”Pure” dino team?


I become excited after seeing a team build up only of non-hybrids, a team build on a theme of dinos who existed in real life.

Example in picture (From Reddit: )

”these “pure” dinosaurs are supposed to be based on actual living creatures that once existed, as compared to the hybrids.”

I wonder if anyone could give some more information of this playstyle…

What dinos to use in a ”pure team” ?


You do some research and see which ones really existed then assemble them as best you can.

BTW I consider nodopatasaurus to be a real one when I do the real theme as he is the spitting image and almost identical to a real life one that existed.


Thanks for replay.

Just wonder If anyone maby done that research… ;D


Great information!

Will take some days :slight_smile:
Official Q&A thread of DPG's Paleontology Center




I started with this page.

Anyone know if I miss some?

Total 47 Dino.

Allosaurus - The apex predator of late Jurassic North America.

Amargasaurus - A bizarre, spined sauropod from South America.

Apatosaurus - The dinosaur formerly known as Brontosaurus.

Argentinosaurus - Possibly the largest dinosaur that ever lived.

Baryonyx - You wouldn’t want to clip this dinosaur’s claws.

Brachiosaurus - This dinosaur was a giant, gentle, long-necked plant-eater

Carnotaurus - The shortest arms of any meat-eating dinosaur with horns to match.

Concavenator - This large theropod had a bizarre hump on its back.

Deinocheirus - All we know for sure about this dinosaur is the shape of its arms.

Dilophosaurus - This dinosaur was distinguished by the bony crests on its noggin.

Dimetrodon - This ancient synapsid had a huge sail on its back.

Diplodocus - “Thin at one end, much thicker in the middle, and thin again at the far end.”

Dracorex - The only dinosaur to be named after the “Harry Potter” books.

Edmontosaurus - This large, duck-billed herbivore was a contemporary of T. Rex.

Erlikosaurus - This late therizinosaur roamed the Mongolian forests.

Gallimimus - This “chicken mimic” roamed the plains of the late Cretaceous

Giraffatitan - Might this “giant giraffe” have been a species of Brachiosaurus?

Gorgosaurus - Might this tyrannosaur have been a species of Albertosaurus?

Iguanodon - The second dinosaur in history ever to receive a name.

Kentrosaurus - A smaller, African cousin of Stegosaurus.

Lythronax - This tyrannosaur lived on the island of Laramidia

Majungasaurus - Fairly–or unfairly–known as the “cannibal dinosaur.”

Megalosaurus - The first dinosaur ever to be discovered and named.

Miragaia - This stegosaur had an unusually long neck.

Monolophosaurus - This Jurassic predator had a single crest on its skull

Nodosaurus - One of the first armored dinosaurs ever discovered in North America.


Ornithomimus - This “bird mimic” resembled a modern ostrich.

Ouranosaurus - Scientists can’t decide if this herbivore had a sail or a hump.

Parasaurolophus - Possibly the loudest dinosaur ever to roam the earth.

Proceratosaurus - Despite its name, not a close relative of Ceratosaurus

Pyroraptor - This “fire thief” prowled the plains of prehistoric France.

Rajasaurus - This “prince lizard” lived in what is now modern-day India.

Sarcosaurus - This “flesh lizard” roamed early Jurassic England.

Sinoceratops - A rare ceratopsian from late Cretaceous China.

Spinosaurus - This dinosaur was distinguished by the sail-like structure on its back.

Stegosaurus - The small-brained, spike-tailed, plant-eating dinosaur.

Stygimoloch - Its name means “demon from the river of death.” Got your attention yet?

Suchomimus - A fish-eating dinosaur with a distinct crocodilian profile.

Tanycolagreus - This mysterious theropod was once thought to be a species of Coelurus.

Tarbosaurus - The second-biggest tyrannosaur after T. Rex.

Tenontosaurus - This long-tailed herbivore was hunted by Deinonychus

Tuojiangosaurus - One of the most well-known Chinese stegosaurs.

Tyrannosaurus Rex - The once—and always—king of the dinosaurs.

Utahraptor - Probably the biggest raptor that ever lived.

Velociraptor - This dinosaur was vicious but a lot smaller than you thought.

Wuerhosaurus - Could this have been the last of the stegosaurs?


The crocodile-like, Nundasuchus!


I was under the impression that gorgosaurus was the oldest named Dino.




Updated the list :slight_smile:

Got a few of this dinos.

Let’s play!


At the start of the year I tried to play only actual dinosaurs plus Indom (it’s from the films so canon) and I just could not do it. I had to go back to my team of old just to stay level in the Arena I was in (Sorna Marshes).


I see your problem.
Have lost 15-20 battles after this switch.
From 4200 to 38xx.

90% played with Dracoceratops, a few used it more than two times!

Probably I will drop more tomorrow :joy::joy:


I just dueled some one earlier who runs a pure Dino team. It was ok. If your gonna run a pure real Dino team you must very much pay alot of mind to which ones you use.

I love ankylosaurides but in this game the anklyosaurus and gen 2 are not really useable.

Same for the apatasaurus unless your much higher than your opponent in levels.

You should look to diplocaulus red one. It’s got a great move set. Also girafetitan and braciosaurus are great choices.

Don’t discount a tyranosaurs it has an amazing attack and enough HP to get you to it some times. Tarbo makes a great chomper.

One that is under used and under expected is carnotaurus. His weaken base attack plus shield and cleanse work well together. I still use him from time to time.

Diplodocus is very good at killing certain Dino’s with swap in and raptors.

The dimetrodon are very good for thier immune.

But your really going to have to look at what Dino’s are troubling you and what dusty Dino’s you have on the self to counter that.

BTW sucomimus spelling is a good bleeder addition on your team as is darwinopterous.

Alot of the original real flying ones have good skills and swap in. They will let you bail out a Dino that is in a bad match.

Alanqua can be effective if used properly.

Just keep in mind you need to really know your play style to pair the right squad up for you.


Blue is a legitimate monster even up in Aviary. Imo a most have on a pure dinosaurs deck.


Up. Would love to see more ideas of this topic.