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How to cancel VIP


How do I do the above ?
I can’t find the settings tab In Jurassic Park alive.


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This game has FAQs, which can be found by clicking “Support” in the header.

It’s purchased on your Google account. so log into your Google Play Store and click the menu (the three horizontal lines), then choose Subscriptions. Click the on the Jurassic World Live subscription, then you can choose Cancel Subscription.

How do you cancel subscription?

I want to go back to playing Pokémon Go where you don’t have to pay to win and raptors don’t rule the gyms.

Go to your play store and subscriptions. Click cancel

What’s play store? Do I need to download another app?

I don’t have google play. Is it the App Store?

Can I just do this on the computer? I have a google account.

That doesn’t help at all. I have no idea where support is telling me where to go. I’ve never had an iPhone before and it’s confusing.

Just find the app in the app store and there should be an option for subscriptions.

Edit: support article says to go to the ‘manage subscriptions’ section of your iTunes account.

I don’t have iTunes or an iTunes account. And I found it in the App Store but it just takes me to the download game page

Writing this AGAIN since my forum was locked. And I’m going to keep writing it until I get actual help.

No, copying and pasting a reply doesn’t help about “go to FAQ” I looked at them and I can’t figure it out. If it’s really going to take me going to the Sprint store for help I’m going to be real ticked.

Yes I went to iTunes, I can not find it at all to cancel AND I do not have an iTunes account and don’t plan to.

Yes I went to the App Store and no I couldn’t find how to do it there either.

No I don’t have google play

I’ve had an iPhone for the first time only for a few months, this is all extremely confusing just being told “go here” when I don’t know where HERE is at. Write clearer detailed answers for your FAQ answers. I do not want to pay money for this game, or is that just how you trap people? Don’t tell them where to go to cancel. Really if this is locked again, I’m contacting the support and heading to Sprint for help. This is rediculous and I’ve made sure to rate this game a one star for such poor support and game play.

Hopefully someone who uses an iPhone can post some screenshots of how to find it for you.

I’m on Android/Google playstore so can’t help im afraid.

you downloaded the game on an iPhone,
you used the iTune/App Store feature to do it.
Go to settings & look for
-iTunes & App Store
-click on your Apple ID
-view Apple ID
-account settings
-this should take you to where you can click on subscriptions and manage them.
Please let me know if this does not help.

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Ok so I guess you are using an iPhone? It would be in your subscriptions on your iTunes account.

How do you cancel the monthly fee?

For iPhone, follow the instructions posted above.
For Android, go to where you downloaded the game from the Playstore & on the title page of the app screen you will see manage subscription. Cancel it from there.

Thanks for the info! It was very helpful. Google Play store > click 3 lines > subscriptions > cancel.