How to change account?

I wanted to know if I have a facebook account for example and another in google as I do to change accounts in jurassic world alive…thanks

Hey JULIAN_DEMIRA, you can switch by going into the in-game Player Profile > Settings menu, from there you should have the option to connect to your Google Play account depending on the device you’re using.

Hi Ned, I am using IPhone 6. In my in-game Player Profile > Setting menu, there is now no longer any option for Google Play. Only for Facebook. Previously there was an option for Google Play, but not any more. What happened? There is also no Google Play option on the opening page, only Facebook and Guest. How do I log in now?

Hey bdjim1, connecting to Google Play is only be available on Android devices. There’s also some more information on our FAQ here:
If you need help with transferring your account, reach out to our support team here at with your support key.

I hope this helps!

If I do not say stupid it is impossible to change account on iOS you must stay with the same all the time unless recreated an account or reset the phone I do not see how it could be possible

This happened to me.I accidentally logged into my wrong account.Is there a way to log back out through Facebook and log into my primary account because every time I try it always says “previously logged into this account,continue?”

you can try emptying the cache to try again?

What does that mean?

Oh also,on the primary Facebook account,it tells me that the Data Access for Jurassic World:The Game has been expired.Does that mean anything?

I am so glad I am on Android for this reason. I can swap accounts easily. But the lag and loading time is a killer. Apple phones seem to load SUPER FAST after shooting dinos :expressionless:

Contact customer support with your support code associated with the account that is lost if possible

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