How to change language ingame?

So I’m playing the game in German atm, which makes sense since I’m from Germany. But I would love to change the language to settings, so I have an easier time cross checking data from forums and the community. Small things are called a bit differently and then I’m already lost trying to figure out what it could mean.
I did check the settings page for a language option, but there is none…

Did I totally miss it or did Ludia never implemented it?


Hey Manedblackwolf, is your device language set to German?

Yes it is, that’s why the game is in German. I don’t really wanna change my device’s language just to play a game in English.
I don’t understand why there isn’t an option for that. I mean, other apps have it?

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I can definitely pass the feedback along to our team.


That would be great! If love such a feature added. :slight_smile:

If you are using IOS you can just go to settings, find JW Alive and change the language. Simple as that…

I’m not on iOS. I guess you mean the app’s settings? I just checked on Android and did not find such a function.

No, in IOS it’s just the phone settings and you scroll to the JWA App to change the language. The phone language remains the same. I would assume android would have similar features.

Sure about that?
There are settings about camera, Siri, and other Stuff
But not language

I checked the app’s settings outside the game, not the ingame settings. There is no such feature.

Yup, positive, below cellular data there is a preferred language option. I change languages all the time to see the Dino’s names in different languages.

On their IOS there is such a setting, on our Androids there is not such a setting :slight_smile:

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IPhone XS… But below cellular data is game version and the support key
Maybe a regional restriction on the phone?
Where are you from?

I wanted to give reasons why it’s useful to have language settings within the game.

  1. the player has the freedom to pick and choose and is not restricted to only one language.
  2. this game has a lot of international players and English is the language we use to communicate with each other and share data.
  3. from what I know, Patch notes and updates are only in English in the forum so me having a different language make it harder to follow.
  4. guides and strategy by other players are mostly in English

Perhaps other players have more points thst could be added to it.

Just to add to that, translations can be off or wrong at times.

It says DANN which means “then”, but I guess they wanted to translate “DNA”, which is DNS in German.

Yeah I’d also apreciate the option to change languages in the game. My game is in portuguese but I’d like to play in english without changing my device language

Our team is looking into it, Manedblackwolf. Thanks for providing the screenshot!

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