How to charge the drone battery?


How to charge the drone battery? I can not afford to buy the battery pack


You just need to walk closer to the dino


I can not walk the map, every time I try to walk, the drone just keeps turning around … I have not learned to play this game yet. Can you give me more tips?


It’s almost like Pokemon go.( If you’ve ever played that)
Walk, ride, drive, swim, hop, skip, jump, run, closer to a dino. Take a couple shots a a dino. If you get enough hit points you’ve cought it. If not the points are added to you collection. The next time you see the same dino you take some more shots an keep building points until you have enough to build it.

My suggestion is to look at every dino. Even if it’s way far away because it will add it to your collection.


You can’t charge the drone battery. The battery life of based on how close/ far away you are from the dinosaur. The amount of battery determined how much time you have to be ableto shoot darts at the dino to collect DNA fragments. The battery you buy only makes your radar bigger so you don’t have to get as close but you still have to go to them


:joy: !!!lol did you figure out?


You have to keep the game running and actually walk outside your house to where the dinosaurs are. The closer you get to them the little “launch” icon will become Yellow then Green and you’ll be able to see how much battery you have on the top right hand corner before launch. Don’t try to “walk” the map with the drone it doesn’t work that way :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi…i am a new user here.I want to discuss how’s the discharge heat, has anyone noticed ?They are supposed to get quite warm, and they say this is normal during discharge, but if you had your say 3 batteries discharging in the flymore bag, could they generate too much heat and possibly cause some issue ?

printed circuit assembly


Are you in the right place? Not sure what you are talking about.


The only thing I can think of is the heat of your device because when I have been playing for over an hour my device gets hot and it’s not an issue because it never gets that hot!

If that’s not it than scrich scrich scrich! That’s the sound of me scratching my head!