How to claim refund on play store


I want my money back basically… the game is a joke and does everything to screw over players… offers you things to improve dinos and then nullifies them…

False advertisement and I’ve had enough, anyone know what the process would be to go about getting a refund through Google play store?


I’d like to know as well, I want a refund for the same reasons


Make sure you also list the fact that their TOS says that certain things will not be allowed, aka spoofing, but they do allow it and have done nothing to take those players out of the game. That is listed in the many reasons I am demanding a full refund.

Ludia expects us to live up to their Terms of Service, but refuse to live up to it on their end.

Start by emailing Ludia, and then go from there with the google play store. I will be working with Apple since it’s through IOS for me.


Thank you, I’ll be doing that same thing


Only downside with Google play is you have to uninstall the game to start the process… I don’t want to uninstall, just become a F2P player, as I’m not fuelling ludias lies anymore


They hid my message when i said they were blocking people from getting over 3500 medals before the reset to limit the rewards to pay out. If thats not guilty i dont know what is


If you have trouble with it, just go to PayPal if you used that through Google because PayPal nearly always sides with the buyer and you can file disputes for six months.