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How to collect DNA if I am not vip?

Hey guy! I have played this game for 5 months and I have problems about collecting DNA for level up tournament Dinosaur(like Ceratosaurus,Megalosaurus) and Indominus Rex because it consumes DNA so much about 7000 DNA (tournament) and 29400 DNA (I rex). So you can tell me how to collect DNA besides watch ads because it seems crash.

  • You are not a VIP so you have one custom trade per day, trade Apatosaurus fossil against DNA.
  • Check offers in the trade harbor on a regular basis.
  • Participate in events as often as you can.
  • Do PvPs as often as you can.
  • Do Code 19 every time it occurs.
  • Reconsider becoming a VIP, you will get a DNA factory.

Piggybacking off of @Tommi, grind hard on the upcoming Boss battle. But everything he said as well


You can try playing lots of PvP modded. More DNA rewards and more (better) dino rewards. You can hatch the dinos to sell for DNA or trade for DNA.

Without spending real money, for some parts of the game, you’ll just have to be patient.

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Code 19s can indeed be a really great way to farm DNA. You get more by filling paddocks, vs leveling creatures up, so I’ve been hatching all the SR and legendaries I get to increase my DNA amounts even though otherwise I don’t really need more of them. I stash all my commons and most of my non-hybrid rares right before the Code 19s become active, as they don’t get the high DNA amounts (and only 5 sDNA). It’s a little bit of work, but the large DNA amounts I can get if I nail the Code 19 are worth the trouble.

I don’t find the modded PvPs very good for DNA, and the creatures you win not the ones that sell for much. Regular PvPs in general are best if you want to get DNA (or LPs).

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I have to ask, how are you so good at the code 19s?

The stupid slider one always leaves my finger sore from trying to tap it so fast (which leads to hard).

LOL, I would certainly NOT describe myself as “so good” at them. I’m quite terrible in fact, and have rarely gotten a perfect completion since they became active again. I didn’t do them at ALL for a long time because I was so terrible at them and I had to deal with a lot of escaped dinos before I got the hang of them. It’s all about practice, practice, practice. It is the slider that I fail on the most, but I am generally able even now to get perfect scores on 2 out of the 6, and the ones that I fail on still give me a decent amount of DNA, and I rarely fail to get the max s-DNA as well. I’ll hopefully get my groove back on the slider, but I will say that I only do the Code 19s on my iPad. I find the slider extremely hard to do on a much smaller phone screen. So I have an alarm set up for when they go active each day to remind me to grab my iPad so I won’t accidentally have them pop up while playing on my phone. I know other people do them just fine on their phone, and not everyone has a tablet they can use… it’s just what works for me.

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The weekly tournaments are great places to grind DNA. Every battle has 50% of giving DNA.


How do you know when the Code 19s are going to happen?

For me, they roll over at 8 pm EST, it’s the same time as your raptor paddock resets. You can get the Code 19s to trigger by entering and exiting the raptor paddock until they come up. Currently we get 6 Code 19s, so once you have done those 6 you are done until the next reset.


Just finished doing today’s set… my best day yet since the update with full points on 5 out of the 6, 4 of which were 10 pointers, so probably collected 1500+ DNA total.

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Thanks ! I will try it

Thanks Tommi ! I will try

The trick to the sliders is you don’t need to touch the landing zone. Anywhere on the screen registers. So I keep my thumb in the bottom right corner of my iPad and tap when I want to register a touch. Not moving around on the sliders will dramatically increase your success rate on them.

That’s only for the sliders. You have to guide and tap the spots in the others.

Dna is like Dino bucks,your going to have to work to get it. Do the code 19 challenges. It’s like 2000 free dna for you to get, not to mention the sdna you get. If you fail at the challenge, use the right Dino’s to minimize the time to recover. Don’t waste Dino bucks to speed up. Dino bucks are harder to get than dna. Dont waste it.

Mine come sporadically throughout the day

They reset at the time the raptor paddock resets(5pm west coast). If you log in an out say a dozen times after that time you will trigger the code 19’s.

It sucks to have to do them on my iPhone. iPad is much easier for code 19.

If you wait for them to show up, yes. But as I mentioned, you can go in and out of the raptor paddock to trigger them to come up right away after the daily reset.

The amount of DNA (and the sDNA) you can get varies greatly with the rarity and number of creatures in the paddock. That’s why I spend about 5 minutes before and after the reset to stash the ones I don’t get much from.


Thank you. I checked this after they already came, but yes, they came around the time you said. Now that I know, maybe I’ll try to keep only my 6 top dinos out before they start. Will the game automatically remember where my dinos go or will I have to remember which dino goes in what spot?

I tried to interpret the numbers but the scrolling makes it difficult to see everything at once.

I suppose this is the most important thing: “SDNA and DNA seems to be based on the total ferocity of your paddock while the experience portion seems to be based on the number of creatures in the paddock.”

I assume the difficulty also increases with ferocity, but does it increase with the number of dinosaurs in a paddock or is that just based on the average ferocity of the dinosaur type?

I assume the best balance would be to try and fill out rares or super rares (for a level 60 like me) since getting multiple of a higher rarity will be challenging without neutering the ferocity of my line up.

Given that most of my income comes from a couple of paddocks, I suppose I should just put away most of my paddocks most of the time, since the income is negligible.

There is no formula, however in the thread and my videos I talk about the more creatures the better Rewards you get from a paddock.

The data shows that 1 VIP creature in a paddock should get you about 275 DNA (400 if perfect) and 5 SDNA. 2 VIP creatures gets you 305 DNA (390 if perfect) and 10 SDNA. But to be fair I do not have data on straight level 10 VIPs in that my single paddocks has at least a level 20 creature and the data I have with two creatures one was at least a level 20 as well.

For Super Rare you need 4-5 creatures in the paddock to get the same DNA option of 275.

Rare you need 8+ in the paddock.

And again for all of these I didn’t have just 8 level 10 creatures or 4-5 level 10s. They were all combinations of level 40, 30, 20, and 10.

But the data is there to comb through and use as you see fit to chart a path forward on how you want to optimize the Code 19 function of the game.