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How to collect legendaries

So I,ve a couple of good epics and I,m now on a mission to collect legendaries. The thing is, it’s going a bit slower than I thought.And plus, my alliance is not helping ( sorry! ) Can you please give me some tips to collect legendaries or find me a better alliance?

Just pick the ones you want and start darting the snot out of what you need


Dart anything and everything because everything makes something.
Focus on a specific one, one at a time in the process that you think or know is good.
Level up only what you plan to make and use so you don’t bankrupt yourself on coins.
Max drops if you can for coins.
Do all the strike towers for coins and DNA.
Dart all the event creatures, focusing on ones that will make good hybrids later when you get to them.
If you get a surplus on some creatures, donate in your alliance for coins.

I spent just about 700K coins making and bringing up 6 of the new creatures to team level 20 and making Scorpius Rex Gen 3 the Unique. I dart a lot and max coins every day so I was able to do this.
I give out a lot of DNA also including a lot of epic DNA on Sundays. I make a ton of coins donating DNA, especially on Sundays.


Any suggestions what legendaries to target?

i rex dracoceratops are good beginnings I kept it and I still keep them they are very powerful especially that dracoceratops is composed of 2 common

DracoRat, Indominus and AlloSino are some hgood starters, as well as leading to some solid uniques in the case of the first and third. Indominus can sometimes carry you through the Unique Stage of the game.

Do you think I should focus on fusing epics first or legendaries?

Legendaries first, and also I would highly recommend you focus on the following dinos:-

Tryostronix, Tuoramoloch, Geminititan…The reason being is that these dinos are very highly used in Apex raids so If you work on em now, you’ll be able to reap the reward.

For legendaries, focus on:-

Indominus Rex, Ankyntrosaurus, Dracoceratops, Allosinosaurus, Tryostronix, Smilocephalosaurus, Utasinraptor and Tyrannolophosaurus, Alloraptor, Ardontosaurus, Mammotherium, Koolabourgiana, Paramoloch etc. They’re pretty good and are essential for you to obtain their better Unique counterparts.

At the end of the day, get dinos that are great and don’t stress yourself too much in obtaining every dino. Remember, get only the ESSENTIAL dinos. Good luck

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Some of these dinos their ingredients I don’t have so this might be a bit hard

Is monolometrodon a good idea?

It’s still pretty decent (those resistances are still stupid), but it isn’t quite what it used to be.

Dracocera is a solid option, really.

i have 4 legendaries in my team and they carried me ezily through badlands to marshes

What legendaries are those?

indominus, tyrannolophosaur, pokudei, carbotoceeratops