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How to counter ceramagnus

Use alankylosaurus

He only killed cera because of erlidom hitting beforehand


I mean, if faster it might work as long as you keep the shield up

So use a dino that is still a poor match-up that gets eradicated by anything else it faces… great plan. Mammo, Testa or Smiley are probably your best true counters and even then Testa and Smiley are iffy at best. Cera absolutely has to get a harsh nerf, the game is in a bad way and Cera is the most broken dino in the game which is saying something



But seriously, it only has 3 counters: lania, dio, grypo.

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And Gemini, but it’s by a 900 Hp margin

I tested that out, gemini loses because attack nerf (that one patch)

Cera is fine. It’s an apex and should be very strong.

There are plenty of counters. Big shielding tanks will do the job, such as tryko, Dio, grypo, mammo, smilo, etc. The list goes on.

Fierce creatures are also quite effective, as long as they are properly boosted and not “nitro” boosted.


Wow just wow

In fact, even cunning dinos like spyx, gorgo and erlidom can put a large dent in Cera. It’s very balanced and if anything needs a buff. Definitely not a nerf.

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Fierce are not effective, i mean i battles only one magnus so far, so i don’t speak from experience, but it can swap in deal 1.5k then PR which kills most fierce

Also as an apex yes it should be strong, but not meta defining which i think it’s gonna be with that kind of swap in and dmg.

No creature has the right to be op not an apex not a unique


excuse me? a buff?


I get that it’s strong but I would argue that it’s still balanced.

Fierce creatures can certainly be effective. Just bring out a 3.5 K attack mortem and watch the opponent Ceramagnus tremble in fear. A properly boosted thor, tenon and tryko can have a similar effect.

Yeah because i know everyone has a 3.5k dmg morty just chiling on a bench


Somewhat close to saying 2.0 maxima needed a buff


I mean, they could give it 50% armor and swap in definite devastation. Jk!

Just ran this in the battle simulator, even if the magnus does not go for RS(which it will in most cases), it still wins by using GA and PR again both of em

Didn’t test gorgo

Unboosted this is true. But proper boosting can make all the difference and Cera punishes those who went the pesky nitro chomper route.

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Oh yeah it’s not that op cuz it could be worse

See because a problem could be worse it’s not actualy a problem

It will shake up the meta for sure. But as is there are plenty of counters. You’re probably running a few of them now.

Excuse me?you saying that 2,7k at Max boosted + 20 %crit is balanced?and another 2,7k priority attack is balanced?
Thats the most frightening and meta shaking cera i can think of.

On the other hand most resilent could beat it…lets just not buff it anymore

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