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How to counter ceramagnus

I do not really know how I feel about this. Group acceleration allows for a great revenge kill on your opponent. an alternative would be to replace accute stun with greater stunning impact, dig in or instant charge

how about replacing accute stun with dig in, greater stunning impact or instant charge?

Nah, you just make it more op

I’d say rework it to a Wild Card:

Haha top 500 go brrrr

Seriously though, the no skill arguement doesn’t make a ton of sense in practice, especially when Apex’s are highly one dimensional

I don’t think you can generalize about “most people who use apexes” considering that above a certain trophy count, literally almost everyone is using apexes (100% of people in the top 100 are using magnus, for example; 99% of them are using lux, and 97% are using mortem). I had one battle in the past week where my opponent didn’t have a single apex, and that stood out to me because it was so rare.

As for the topic, I tend to kill the most ceramagnus with my mammolania, and my magnus tends to get taken out most often by grypolyth.

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Grypolyth is the perfect counter to cera because of grypo’s no escape. it really helps not knowing that you have to deal with a possible 2.4 k swap in later in the battle.

The problem is, Grypo is the perfect counter to a lot of meta dinos right now. Cera, Hadros, Mammolania, Dio… If your opponent knocks out Grypo, you’re likely going to struggle unless you got lucky enough to have Morty selected as well.

We really need more fierce dinos for the next update, ones that have a distinct focus on actually defeating resilients instead of cunnings.

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Happy Cake Day! :cake: :partying_face:

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agreed. Ludia kept giving us cunning apexes instead of another fierce witch kind of upsets me. we got 2 resilient, 1 fierce, and 4 cunning.

Happy cake day :cake:

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If u play it right in 1v1 Cera can be defeated by hadro, Dio, antacto, skoona, mammo, grypo, compso, entelonia, tryko.

Time has changed, there r few counter added.

Oh actually ref can also beat Cera if u play it right, not kidding :).

Honestly I would have preferred if we got a Ferocity-Based Apex and maybe a Bleeder Apex in place of Refrenantem and Rodan. At the very least a ferocity-Based Apex in favor of Ref.

That being said, Grypo being the über-viable counter that it is over-centralizes the meta around it, and there’s no variety, which is why I really dislike its matchup spread.