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How to counter push tactic

Does anyone have any advice on how to counter or strategy to come back from push…burn strategy?

Push from ranger…push from fighter…trapped and burn?! There has to be a counter yet I can not figure it out.

I know…kill them first. :smile:

In your situation, it doesn’t matter much because you’ve already lost at that point. There’s not really a counter to push, since it can’t be resisted, but it can miss. To counter it early on however, try to take middle with a tank, but position them in front of a ranged or someone else. If your tommas gets extra action, taunt to they can only push them. Body blocking is the only real counter.

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I was afraid of that…but I could hope…

Or have all range…team comp for the won.

Body blocking seems to be the standards tactic I see for this all over the place. Get to a 2x2 formation as quickly as possible to limit the effect of push but also single zone attacks.

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