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How To Create a Better, Enjoyable and Less Frustrating Tournament

  1. There should be no fee to enter. 100 of cash is too much for non-VIP players. Make it half or less than that.
  2. Critical chance attack should be ignored if you want to have a fair tournament.
  3. Trophies deduction should happen only if the player is losing continously for a certain number of times.
  4. There should be a separate team roster just for the tournament so players do not need to mess with their favorite one by forcing them to swap all the 8 hybrids with the originals. Current team is for arena battle and tournament team is for the tournament itself. Get this right. Should be the main priority.

Agree with most everything except,
#1 isnt that big of a deal really.
#2. Strongly disagree with that. :wink:

Love #3. That’s a good idea imo. :blush:
#4 is a known issue and requested by many.


Why don’t we just hold your hand if you enter the tournament?

#1 … 100 bucks isn’t hard to come by even for free to play players. I can get more than than a week from supply drops.

#2 … Critical chances are fine. Don’t need a change.

#3 … So, you don’t lose trophies for losing unless you lose multiple times? Not sure I like that. A lost match should lose you trophies.

#4 … Yes, we need the option to store multiple teams.

Quited from tournament because of crĂ­tics.All battles lost due to crits that were only way rival could win.

and I am not talking about once… It’s been happening for the last 10 battles

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Crits are a gameplay staple and have been around since day 1 tho, and we don’t even have crit boosts (yet).

of course but don’t know why they are affecting way more than in normal arenas.