How to create a poll

I see many people creating polls, I want to know too. Will be really thankful if someone shows me how to do that.

hi !
can you see this bar on the top?
click the setting gear image

then click build poll and type whatever you want to and click insert poll

and you are done!


Thank you, means a lot to me😊

Anytime! :grin:

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also do you play JWA?

Of course I do😄

is it good and can you play it from home cause it’s like pokemon go right?

I would say it’s much better than Pokemon go, much strategic battles, better gameplay, co operative raids, alliances and yes I can play it from home. They’re doing it really well, made their game playable even during lockdown.

oh so you can move around in your house and play?

There is a 200m battery range around me. Like this

oh ok thanks can I play by sitting in one place?

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Sure you can. But it would be better if you move out.

oh ok thanks a lot!

Ur welcome