How to deal with argenteryx

Somehow i really struggle against all the strong argenteryx in this tournament… it cleanses bleed, dodges and heal. It feels very OP.

I don’t like nerf threads, so i would like some advice on how to deal with these pesky pigeons everyone seems to be running


Antarctopelta is really good against those pigeons

Closing your phone and doing something to not go insane and then load your game a few minutes later seems to work.


Pelta and Ankylodicurus

Hope you have Diplodocus, Antarctopelta, Ankylodicurus, or your own Argenteryx in your loadout. If they swap, hope you have a second counter, and you might beat it.

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The nasudoceratops sloth thingy works well against it and might be its best counter.

It’s not balanced. It remains beatable through the use of certain dinosaurs with Group Attacks and Suchotator + Ankylodicurus in Skill Tournaments. However, once Boosts and level discrepancies get involved in favor of Argenteryx, it’s no longer beatable.

Argenteryx’ rarity needs to be elevated to Legendary to keep it out of Rare/Epic Advantage. It should not be allowed to compete against these creatures. It is NOT operating on an Epic power budget. It has two Rampages. Existing flocks don’t even have ONE Rampage unless they are Legendary or Unique tier. And further, no existing flock has two of them, except this lowly Epic monstrosity.


Healthy coping skills for Fukui vs Fukui, too, especially when you lose nearly 100% of all speed ties like me :rofl:

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this is one of the best teryx counters, but sadly not allowed this tourney

I had it in my team and epic antarctopelta wiped it out in two moves. It was the only match I lost. It was the best match in the tournament as well.

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Oh well, this must be a painful tourney

Yeah but the resistances are garbage

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It doesn’t need resistances. Pin resistance is all it really needs, it prevents it from getting RKed by Dimodac or a potential Rixis or Compy. Everything else it can just cleanse or swap out of. Even if it has negative effects applied to it, Teryx either kills the foe with its absurdly consistent output, swaps out to be used later, or puts the foe into RK range.


Did you, at that time, considered to swap into another creature?

That is literally how most Argenteryx users react

You have no idea - last weekend’s skills was the lowest I’ve gotten for a skills when trying this hard to do well for MONTHS! Now the advantage version of it is here and, yeah, it’s brutal.

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yes, but you need to have dreadnaughtus leveled and boosted to match. Most people do not have that as Dreadnaughtus is newer.