How to deal with indominus?


So I can’t find a good strategy for beating indominus. Even if you have nullify, indominus one shots you after he cloaks. His first attack is 3k+ damage and ignores armor. So essentially no matter what you lose someone and you’re left with an indominus that has over half it’s health remaining. Seems a little op honestly. He has a lot of health and insane damage and cloaking. And most people swap him out to be used again. Any strategies for this?


I’ve only faced one once but my level 11 pyroraptor solo’d it.


i’ve got exactely the same problem. at the moment I’m facing indominus at least every second game and loose almost everyone against it! I have not been able to find a dino that works as a counter.


For now the only strategy seems to be luck and sacrificing your least useful dinosaur. You only win if you manage to kil it if cloak fails, or if you one shot it after cloak ends. What an annoying beast, seriously. I hate it way more than I hate raptors. I will be forced to use her in battle when I get her because she is powerful but I’d rather she didn’t exist in the game at all.


Yup. She’s a load of over powered garbage. Needs a bit of balancing


Relying on luck to beat one dinosaur that is easily the strongest in the game is just poor game design. This company only cares about $$$. They have little regard for player opinions. Really sad…


Yes, it’s terrible design that there isn’t a single good counter for Indominus at all, but that’s the way it is for now -.-


Ankylosaur is good idea :slight_smile:
I don t have problems with indominus, i don t have legendary hybrids and my the best Dino is Einasuchus 15lv but i have 3000 trophies.


Indominus can one shot ankylosaurus


Tho I only encounter 2 indominous, my also lvl 15 Einiasuchus does a great against them so far.


Indominus never one shot my ankylosaur 12lv and my ankylo can kill indominus because indominus can t destroy shield, ankylo is faster:3 and when he want give u big damage just use instant. If indominus kill your ankylo take another Dino(Einasuchus,+50% damage, on next round u can give big damage with 33% chance to stunt) and kill him :slight_smile:


Indominus Rex is not a skill based match up. It’s luck. If you can manage to be faster than it, then you essentially have a 25% chance to kill it before it kills you. 50% dodge chance for your first and 50% chance to finish the job next turn before it ends you.

I have one at 17 and I won’t put anymore DNA into it. It’s too unpredictable and if I do manage to get through a turn with cloak, I destroy any Dino in the arena I’ve come across so far more attack won’t help me and a rare or higher raptor will kill me regardless of my health with Pounce and Crit or Armor Pierce.

I could win a fight without a scratch or never get a turn off. I’ve never been one with good luck.


I use ankalasourus to counter it all the time. Timing of invincibility shield is important.


Raptor pounce, swap to a useless One, Raptor and then pounce again so the indo Rex has his cloak in cd


If you think indominus is op, wait to match vs ibdoraptor more life, more dmg, more speed, antidebuf + attack that just oneshot my lvl 22 raptor etc. Indominus is slow so you can attack 2 times if he swap and hope for the 50% dodge not work for him and sometimes is bugged and he fail doing the cloak skill, so you can punish him whit a high lvl raptor, mine at 22 can oneshot random indominus not high leveled.
If not i sacrifice my worst dinosaur after he cloak and then swap for my raptor to 2 shot him.


My Alasaurus just took down an indominus! I was in badlands arena! I think my Ali was a higher level or something because indominus made one move! I was still alive and than it cloaked and pow it was gone and I won!

Can someone please tell me what cloak does as it was my first indominus experience


Anything with instant invincibility or a shield ability. Personally I use stegodeus as it can consistently beat an indominous of the same level. Ankylosaurus is the best at it but mine isn’t a high enough level to be useful generally. It doesn’t shatter shields like Trex or baryonyx so it can be countered by anything that can shield.


I was confronted 1 time. I had 16 levels of raptor. The level of indominus was 16. cloak ability. I used the ponce ability. His life was diminished. then he used his 1st ability. I was so depressed. I used the strike ability. and he died.(I use translate)


Mayby Remove positive effects :3


A lot of people I’ve been vsing lately been starting out with him. That being the case I just switch to mine and have a lil cloak stand off. Or just send out the Koolasuchus