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How to defeat lord lythronax (gameplay)


You can’t! Lol April fools!


Several people have actually. You need to be extremely high level though to take the hits.


It took a few tries… but i got her… finally got lucky with the crits and poor play on her part…


What were your other two dinos?


They used T-Rex and Thor. You can just make them out.


I used tryko, thor, tenotosaurus and the rat killed it.


Its doable if you could bleed the damn thing lolol


Thx - my screen is a bit dark.

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Used Thor and two rats. Suchotator took the first hit, I got an 800 nullifying and survived the counter. Swap Rat number one did about 1600 damage. Then Thor survived the first attack hit the dsr critical for about 3000 and then rat number two for the kill.

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