How to defeat the final boss@sharpstone

Your heroes needs to be the same level epic gear will help tremendously.

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Some tips:

  • This boss will AOE pull when all your characters are in the same line
  • This boss will melee swing 1 zone if there is at least 1 character in melee range
  • Otherwise he will throw up to 2 boulders to 2 targets

With that knowledge you can think of some tactics. If you have 2 tanks, let em take turns tanking/idling,…

The trick is to have your ranged in row 2, your tank and only your tank in front at the boss in front of your cleric or anyone else in the second row that way when he pushes your tank wont fall back, he will take 150% damage but if you got decent heals and or regen, you should be fine, I quite frankly loves when he goes first, less effort to get Tom in front of him

For clarity, this is what you want kind of thing

Same concept for this boss but if your squishy guys can’t take a hit he will 1 shot them and regen is nearly required for lower levels