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How to defeat the two L30 birds in Epic tower


Got any ideas guys this is a bit tricky to plan for.
I’m tempted to just throw my big guns at it and wing it. Which is not usually my style.

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The one thing I heard so far from youtubers: start with suchotator (and hope that on turn one or turn two the AI will swap-in) and bleed that thing :smiley:


Will it be today?


Should be yeah although there wasn’t meant to be one today so, who knows.

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Yes there stands one in my area. Sadly it stands on a mountain I don‘t have access to. So I have to drive again for some km to find another one lol.

How possible is it that one of these will swap out (Alanqa Pteranodon)? I think I‘ll do fine with Suchotator, Spinotahsuchus (both to bleed) and Iraptor, Allosino as shieldbreaker.

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Did it but it was close. I didn‘t play good this time, Iraptor saved me.

First came Alanqa, used Rampage and then swapped to Pteranodon. Pteranodon then used Nullify and Hit‘n Run but didn‘t swap out because it‘s been locked for two turns.
Then Alanqa returned and used Rampage again, then I finished her.

Got nice stuff, only 7 Pyro DNA but 320+ Trex DNA.


Start suchotator instant distraction
Swap to dimorphodon
Dimorphodon lethal wound
Suchotator again instant distraction
swap to succimimus
Suchotator lethal wound
Swap to Draco gen 2


I can’t see this Epic strike event with birds? I saw indominus one yesterday only.

Is it really on today?


it is out there, but for me I had to travel like 6-7 km to find one d@mn epic strike tower :smiley:

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I haven’t seen the two bird strike tower today either ?


it is really rare, maybe to many towers are out today (rare, common towers, green drops, etc) and these all take up a spot :S


Thoradolosaur destroys them, Allosinosaurus works too

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Just been out driving and found one some 7km from home . Shouldn’t have bothered as it gave me 300 Koolasuchus and 150 sarcorixis dna :sob:


maybe one day koola will get an OP hybrid and you will be prepared for it:D
but the free coins from the tower is always good

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Extremely possible they will swap. I’d expect them to swap at least twice.


Piece of cake with L21 Indominus, L20 Stegod, L20 Gorgo
They swapped
I got a very nice haul, including Trex


My husband and I did this exactly since we have low level dinos, it was a success!

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I did it with Suchotator level 20 and one of the swap in blenders and dracorex 2. I was pleasantly surprised to get some legendary DNA in the incubator :slight_smile:


I’m just gonna come out swinging with T-rex. It should drop at least one of them before it goes down. And then probably Dilorach and Utarinex.


T Rex and pyritator