How To Do an Aquatic Update: Solved! (maybe)

I think adding aquatics has been the longest running request for this game by some members of the community, and I think I figured out how to do it.

So aquatics in a “-GO” game has two glaring issues to start with: how do you hunt them, and how do you fight with them.

I’m proposing this idea:

  1. To hunt them, they will naturally spawn in water. But, if you don’t have water near you in any form, there’s a daily “water reconnaissance drone” in every timed free incubator every six hours that you can hold 2 of. It’ll basically spoof your screen so that it appears you’re over an ocean, and you can move around as normal but over all “water”. You’ll still be in your exact location, the game will just act like it’s taken you scouting over water and you are flying a drone instead of walking around. Hence only water creatures will spawn for the duration of it, maybe 20 minutes? Store bought versions could also be available for better creatures and/or longer duration.

  2. The arena. This is where it shakes up. So I’m proposing here to have 2 new arenas: The Lagoon (Main Street at the water), and The Reef (Totally Submerged in the Mosa Paddock). Maybe others with the same purpose over time. But both are cosmetic only for the purpose of the creature functions, and just reflect the drawn dinos for the match. You still are in your current earned arena, and you’ll get your standard arena if no aquatic creatures are present in the match. If either you or your enemy draw any terrestrials along with your aquatics, you fight at The Lagoon. Your land creature stands at the edge, their aquatic in the water. If they put in a terrestrial creature, the camera can pan over to return as a land match in an identical arena to Jurassic Ruins since that’s already the exact spot as The Lagoon just at a different camera position. If two aquatics are in at once, the camera pans into the bay for an aquatic fight. Just sync a pivot to the camera, player, and lighting, based on what’s in when it comes in. Any wonkiness could be masked by the intro animations everything plays on its way in anyway. I strongly suspect that the way the game build works it is feasible. The angle of the camera right now would mean that whatever water creature is in would be perfectly obsevable through the water, no need for any fish or mosasaurs to be sitting half out of the water at the surface. No creatures make physical contact in the battles anyway, they’re usually separated by what looks like a couple meters at standoff distance. The Reef will be used if all 4 creatures on both teams are either aquatic, or amphibious (See #3). This fight will be entirely underwater.

The Lagoon

Art not mine^

The Reef

  1. We already have amphibious creatures like the crocs and amphibians. They will be marked in their bio’s as amphibious. They will be allowed to fight in The Reef with a full set of new animations for swimming and underwater attacks. If The Lagoon is set as the arena due to present native aquatics, any amphibious creatures will be in the water instead of the land. Amphibians on their own will not trigger the Lagoon or the Reef. They are made accessible to these cosmetic arenas for players having difficulty acquiring true aquatics that still want to have underwater battles. Aquatics and/or amphibious creatures could have natural strengths and/or weaknesses against terrestrial creatures in their kits that could create very interesting match dynamics. Pterosaurs as well could play an interesting and vital role in their strengths and weaknesses since they were both predator and prey of aquatic life.

What do you guys think? Something you want? I thought of this randomly from the thread about what new arenas you would like to see lol. Something this big would definitely put the game in a 2.0 state, and all the change may not be something everyone likes. Some of this has probably been said before and isn’t new I’m sure, just felt like throwing it out their with my take on it.


That seems a little too ambitious but it’s still a good idea

I think aquatic creatures should spawn on the map as normal otherwise for a lot of players it will be very unfair.

I do think you need a separate Arena for aquatic creatures. JWtG splits them too.

Certan animals can also cross into both arenas, being:

  • Spinosaurus (both forms) (not too sure about the others)
  • All crocodilians(except those with the Kaprosuchus and Indoraptor animations)
  • All amphibians

Good ideas i like it,but that concept little confusing

I agree with Colin,it will be very unfair for a lot of players not live near water…i dont have a problem to spawn just like other creatures or battle in the same arena…i mean we have dinos to put up sheilds :thinking::thinking:


Me who lives in Britain where it rains heavily almost every day: does this count as living near water?


It may be that’s what it takes is two arenas. It’d help out the issue of struggling to find any with the amphibious creatures that could be used on both teams. I was just thinking I didn’t want to divide the player base between 2 arenas, but it may just be for the best.

So you do think it’d still be too difficult to collect them even with daily free scents that convert the map to all water for their duration? Maybe they could also land spawn at pet stores and aquariums? And also have water drones collectible in supply drops? Oh, or what if we could switch the screen altogether for “ocean collection” and have the map be all water with all water creatures and amphibians without scents?

we can get the DNA from fossil samples that we found among the supplies, the color of the fossil indicates the rarity of the creature.

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Why can’t they just appear in a little pool (or a puddle :smile: ) around them on the map? and the same principle could work in the arena as well… problem solved, still can’t believe we don’t have them yet…


Great to hear some concepts about aquatics. Here’s what I think.

I think ludia wouldn’t implement creatures spawning in water, because of safety reasons. Maybe only really close to the shore. Tommy’s idea about them spawning in puddles seems great to me!

I’d say “the lagoon” is a bit too complicated to actually be in the game. Maybe aquatics would be used only in tournaments and strike towers? On one hand it kind of makes them useless, but on the other hand I’m pretty sure using them in the regular battle arena wouldn’t work out.


I don’t think there is going to be a choice, which is probably why we don’t have them yet. It works well in JWtG because daily missions vary which arena you fight in and you get different rewards from each one. That may be the balance here when it comes to it.

The only other option is for a cosmetic background change: land vs land is your current Arena, aquatic vs aquatic becomes an undersea background, and aquatic vs land is that corner of the Aquarium where the mosasaurus grabs indominus rex.

I still think habitat zones need to go away and everything common, rare and epic can appear on the map. It gives a reason to go out hunting after all. Pet stores, aquariums and water locations on the map should spawn them more but they should still appear on land as normal. It’ll be a conceit to the game for fairness of everyone getting them.

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Oh I like this, would work to! Trips to the Lake District would consist of endless park spawns and aquatics… oh yes…

Me who has a bottle of water near me: Does this count as water?


Overall I’m on board. Fake lakes/puddles (phuddles?) would allow the creatures to spawn just like every other creature in the game.

As for battling, I don’t know if I’d want a specific map to appear only if you or your opponent had a particular type of creature. If I had all land animals drawn, it would be a pretty good tip off that my opponent has at least one aquatic in their deck if we’re suddenly on a specific map.

I like the idea with the cut scene; just “move” to another part of each existing map that has water on it and continue battling like usual. Sure, they may need to rework the maps themselves but it’s nothing game breaking. As said before, the creatures never actually touch each other anyway so it doesn’t seem that big a stretch to me.

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can indoraptor swim?

10 characters

I think the best way to handle this is to have an aquatic team and unlock the aquatic arena at player lvl 3 and there’s the mosasaurs padict and if you lost the mosasaurs eats your creature but he will not be gone just a fun animation and have a flood happen on every Friday bring aquatics to your area and have 13 aquatic arenas like the normal arenas

  1. You are very good at Jw:tg but how do you have exactly 99,999,999 of dna,coins,and food?
  2. I heard about a spoiler for limnoscelis in jwa…
  3. How would the hybrids work…like Tylo+Allo or Jaekelopterus+Ankyntrosaurus

maybe we could do what they did for jwtg
2 different arenas
aquatic and land