How to double dart?

Happens every once in awhile, how do I double shoot? I’m darting a dino, and managed to double dart a dimetr- ok I’m darting and I manage to double shoot, how do I do this exactly?

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You you talking about when you miss the target and the dart seems to have 2 darts bounce off?


Yeah sounds like the animation when you miss. Looks like two darts bounce off. I always wonder if this is just a bad animation or if you are penalised an extra dart for being a rubbish shot?

I’ve experienced some double-darting that hit the target too. Got me a nice bunch of DNA. Unfortunately I don’t know how to purposely enter this mode either.

It seems to be a bug, it goes into like shotgun mode.

Hard to control though, i dont like it.

I’ve had it happen a few times where it double darts, but I always find that whenever it happens the crossbar ends up disappearing completely making it harder to dart.

My retical has only disappeared when something else happens on my phone while I’m in the middle of darting. Like a low battery warning. Haven’t seen it double dart yet.

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No, I mean sometimes when I’m darting, I press the button twice and it double darts

What do you mean “button” don’t you mean screen?

Yeh, that’s what I meant, sorry for the confusion

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