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How to earn coins?

I Wanna lvl up my raptor to lvl 20 for Indo. I alredy have lvl 20 indom, and 105 DNA for Indo. So I just need 40000 coin. So how should I earn coins? The gaming beaver (a youtuber) has like 25000 coins one video, and two weeks later he has like 250000 coin! And he says that he doesn’t spend money on the game…
how do you earn money fast?

Well becoming a VIP (like beaver) helps if you can afford and want to spend on this game. You can earn coins twice as fast from spinning supply drops.

But the way to earn coins: spin drops, battle in the arena, donate dna and defeat towers/collect treasure chests


Spin supply drops green and orange until you max out coins. Complete strike towers, keep incubators running. Win arena battles. Dontate dna to alliance members.


I did just that, and I now have 36000 out of 40000!

200k a week is not that much in the grand scheme of things. 22500 coins a day. That’s 157k just on coin caps for a week. That’s not including the free coins from strike towers which is around 50-60k a week give or take. 105k a week for donations. Then all ur battle coins/incus from arena. Probably around another 50k or so a week.

300-400k a week. Extremely doable


Not to mention if youre an entire diehard free to play player, u can earn OVER 500 cash a week for free and turn that into coins if need be. An extra 25k for you if u really need it

Max out supply drops–both regular and green boxes DAILY. Hit up the treasure chases, win strike events, and win lots and lots of battles. And don’t level up dinos you don’t plan to fight with. Also, join an alliance that is very active in requesting and donating dinos. If we don’t need something we still request “junk” dinos we don’t need so others can get coins for donating.

I wait until Tapjoy’s offering double rewards, then go crazy on it. I get 4500 cash for the coin vault. I’ve only spent about 1000 cash on other things in my 7 months of gameplay. I’m nearly level 16 with a mostly level 19-20 crew, and I still haven’t run out of coins. I haven’t been busy saving my coins, either. Only 3 of my dinos aren’t level 11 yet (I got them there for experience) and I’ve got a fair few at level 15. I’m not leveling the Proceratomimus for combat because I don’t want to pay the coins, but I think that’s the only thing I’m missing right now. I’m also frequently opening the 5 supply drops stationed around my dorm and taking all the strike events, so even without Tapjoy I don’t lose coins very fast.

Suply drops, donations, missions, strike towers and lots of arena battles. I usually make around 100k a week without trying too hard.