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How to easily have a powerful hybrid?

how easily can you have such a potent hybrid as a YUDON! it’s as simple as that, its must be a hybrid of a rare or extra rare dinosaur mixed with a legendary dinosaur like segnosaur + postosuchus = segnosuchus, erlikosaur + dilophosaurus = erliphosaurus or even allosaur + bananogmius = alongmius. but wait, I’m the only one to notice that if we inverted the name alongmius + allosaur that would make bananosaur!

DesoSorry, I wanted to write. alongmius instead of (along mius)

Yudon is mixture of 2 tournament creatures, that’s why It’s so powerful

Yeah, I know it’s downright one of the classiest hybrids

They need to come out a water hybrid of 2 tournament creatures cause I don’t have enough water

@Blacksaber stop spamming threads, pls.

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Yeah he has made like 10+ threads in less than a day. I think that’s a record that even @Altithorax_Perotorum can’t compete with.

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Haha ur right. Although that is not a problem but try to do not do it.

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It’s okay
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