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How to exploit a known bug - are they any more we should know about! Share them!

Dinos that are swap prevented when they swap in can be held an extra turn if you swap out on your next action. This is particularly for quetzo and (if you’ve survived the rampage) DC.

If they aren’t going to fix it, might as well exploit. I know I’ve lost a handful of matches because of my quetzo being held longer than it is supposed to. To the point where I am considering taking it off my team because the typical counter when it swaps in (usually against erlidom) is to switch to tryko right away, which causes the bug, and because of the brainless dodge nerf, even if I get a dodge, I take damage.

This also can explain why you sometimes see DC users go with regenerate, even though the pinned visual is not under them anymore. Even though the pinned circle is gone, the opponent still cannot switch because the button to do so is blocked off.


I also hate the instant invincibility glitch when a dino does hit and run. At this point, it has been worked into my strategy since these morons just leave game breaking bugs in the game for months and months. I adapted to it.


I also use that to my advantage with my ardentismaxima.

That invincibility bug works like 66% of the time for me.

how does it only work 66% of the time?

ahh ok. indo reference… rip indo. good thing it doesnt happen 6 times in a row :grin:

let me see if i undestood…

  • player 1 swaps to dracorat and player 2 survived the rampage.
  • player 2 swaps out.

is that? then p1 rat is pinned for 3 turns? :scream: