How to fight against team with both indoraptor and monomimus?


Around 4500, so many opponents have them. My only nullifying dino monostegotops can only take at most one down if I have lucky crits.
Any suggestions? Or just praying to RNG god?

Crazy dodge

Ludia needs to nerf monomimus since it’s an epic x common and buff monotops.


Get a magnapyritor and oneshot they lol(ironi)


I don’t like fighting monomimus but you have to admit it’s fighting animations are cool


Over-level your Tanycolagreus if you really need to. It’s faster than both Mono and Indo, has the nullifying attack, and if it is over-leveled it can take the big hit from either.


I guess I need to pray to RNG gods for few months before getting it. I don’t even have pyrritator yet.


Instead of overleveling, I hope tany can get a lengendary hybrid.


I would LOVE that. Tany is one of my favs in the game right now :revolving_hearts:. Can’t use it on my team tho, doesn’t fit in :confused:


How much over levelling tany is enough tho? Mine is level 20 at the mo and I can level her up but not sure if I should or keep the DNA in the hope for a hybrid :thinking:


just like every other battle. realize it’s not really up to you, but up to the computer RNG… and just pray harder than your opponent


Tanycolagreo for sure! I have her now at level 18 and can’t wait to have dna and coins for the next upgrade! :heart_eyes:


That all depends on what levels you’re up against. Safest bet is probly 3-5 levels over that of your opponents’ average creature.
If you have the extra DNA to level it a couple times and have some remaining, then go for it. As a collector first, battler second, I say save it lol.
I’m stockpiling pretty much everything that isn’t in my Team.