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How to find „parks“

I live in Switzerland and since many of the nice dinos are gone to park only I‘m searching for parks.

I tried with google maps the „green marked places“, but no luck. Zoo‘s… no luck. Public plant park… no luck.

What is the meaning of a „park“ in ludia speech? How does ludia define a place as a park and how to find them?

Thanks in advance

As far as I know the game uses google maps (so a park there is a park in JWA)



Wildlife refuge acreage is all considered a park by me. It seems so unfair and still support kaboshing the whole park spawn idea.

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My understanding is Google maps has very few parks in that area of the world.

Need to ditch park spawns for sure.


And, I was wrong.
Switzerland is like 1/4 park space.
Unfortunately, looks like they are all huge.

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Thanks for looking, but these kind of parks are like forest or protected areas. It‘s not like a park in ludia meaning.
We have got many small towns and some kind of parks with animals snd so on.

Last weekend i was in germany in a hotel with a real nice park in front (picture). There were many great spawns

Looks similar like „our“ not working parks here.

I dont want to drive 250km everytime for a park visit :sweat_smile:

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