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How to finish in dominating league! (tournaments)

You don’t have many hybrids or powerful legendaries with more than 2000 Health and 900 damage, but you want to win a tournament? Don’t worry, with 3 or more very rare hybrids level 20, and 3 legendary VIPs, you are already a candidate! also, just by having a normal legendary level 40, you increase the probability! here I have several tips:

  1. staying in the last positions of the dominating league, it may seem bad, but in reality it is a way to keep the creatures prepared for when you go down from the league, you can use it without waiting long enough, also you avoid stressful and difficult fights
  2. use good strategies, below I will clarify this issue
  3. Get around 400 trophies per day, so at the end you will have more than 1200 trophies and you will win.
    With these tips you can win, and here is an example that what I said is true

    like I said in the second tip, I promised some PvP tips in case you don’t know, it’s based on these:
  4. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice the first or second creature if necessary, just don’t sacrifice the third and last obviously.
  5. With the first creature, try to save as much as you can, because those extra points can help the second creature to defeat at least 1, and then you have to do the same with the second, leaving the third creature with enough power to defeat 2 creatures.
  6. protect the weakest but strongest creature in health by putting it at the end of the team, and leave the creature with more health but with little damage first on the team, so it can save much more.
    I just hope these tips are useful for the spino gen 2 tournament and for subsequent tournaments
    (If anyone with experience wants to add something, say so)

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Its amazing you reach dom finishes with this lineup. Congrats!


I use the exact same strategy, thank you for motivating me. But I won’t be able to finish Dom this week, won’t gather enough time. I’ll try to give my best the upcoming week! By that time I may also achieve a similar lineup like yours!

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We have a similar lineup @Thylacoleo

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That’s great @Therizino2.0 !

I have lvl 15 dactylus and 4x lvl 40 legendaries, then 4 lvl 10 VIPs and many lvl 30 legendaries.

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