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How to fix boosts - You're welcome

Warning: long post, but that’s how it be sometimes when suggesting a major overhaul of a major system.

Alright, since the boostpocalypse the normal ladder is basically Fist of the North Star where people who got infinite purchases by mistake rule the wasteland and those of us who only got to purchase them once get told Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru from 200 speed Thors and Trykos.

So here’s how to fix it.

Step 1: Strip boosts from dinos and refund boosts to a cap equal to the maximum that was supposed to be obtainable.

Step 2: For those who got the glitch, take the excess, divide by 25, multiply by 550, and give out that much cash (so 10% bonus cash back for their trouble).

Step 3: As an alternative to the option in step 2, offer refunds of real money, so those who made money purchases to get boosts don’t feel overly slighted for having relied on the glitchy system.

Sometimes you gotta bite that bullet to save the game.

Step 4: Re-implement boosts but with the system I detail below.

Step 5: Either make boosts work across all types of upgrades OR gift a number of boosts equal to the cap for HP/Atk for Armor and Crit. I think I’d prefer the former, as the speed boost overhaul makes speed boosts less valuable than before, so making a more generalized pool will help whereas just refunding will naturally favor Atk and HP as many more of those were obtainable.

The New System:

Max Level of 10 - cost of each level starts at 1 boost and doubles per level up. (so instead of 2, 4, 8, 16, etc., it’d go 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, to a maximum of 512)

All abilities can be boosted up to 10 times: Not just Hp, Atk, and Speed, but also Crit and Armor. Also, the values of boosts will be different, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

HOWEVER, there is a maximum total boosts per dino of 25 boosts. So you cannot raise all to 10, you have to pick and choose.

This creates VARIETY, as some might value speed and attack, while others might value Hp and Armor. So instead of “did this guy boost his Thor more than my Thor” there’s a legitimate question as to what he chose to value compared to you.

So now we come to the actual values of boosts.

First though, the concept here is of increasing gains per level, making it more valuable to push towards level 10. Currently, you get over 90% of the maximum possible boost at level 8, and about 60% at level 5, creating a disincentive to push to level 10. The system I’m proposing gives larger boosts as you level making that next level always of equal or more value than the one before it.

One more thing, HP and ATK boost max out at 40%, not 50%, Armor boost max at 30%, Crit and Speed max out at 20% and 20 respectively.

HP and Attack boost per level - 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7

Armor - 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5

Crit and Speed - 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4

This is also why I halved the boosts needed to reach each level (to a max of 512 instead of 1024), because unlike in the current system where pushing to 10 is something of a gaudy luxury (dat last 2% tho), pushing to 10 here just makes sense, so it makes sense to make it cheaper.

This is also why I pushed it from 50% boosts for HP and ATK to 40% boosts, as keeping it 50% while decreasing the difficulty of obtaining max boosts would make them the obvious best choice, especially with the speed boost change.

And the speed overhaul is designed to make dinos more dangerous, but instead of letting them completely outspeed everything, it more realistically allows them to move up various tiers of dinos only to a point. A Tryko’s max speed would only be 128 at maximum speed, still super fast, but not nearly as broken as at present.

Further, speed increases, still very powerful, would present an OPPORTUNITY COST. Okay, sure, at max speed, your 129 Thor CAN match base Erlidom in speed, but you spent 10 of your precious 25 boosts to do it. Maybe you’ll find the meta shifting towards bulk and suddenly your speedy Thor can’t do sufficient damage.

This leads to one last thing, which is boost resets. I think the best strategy here is to allow people to reset boosts for relatively cheap (maybe something like 500 coins per boost level or 10 cash per boost level). This means there is a cost to capriciously slapping boosts onto dinos without thinking, but the penalty isn’t too high. And it could be done per boost level, so maybe want to drop your level 10 HP boost to 5 and increase your Atk boost from 5 to 10? Instead of needing to reset all 25 or reset all boosts of a type, you can walk it back just a few levels. This encourages experimentation, which naturally will be needed in the new system.

On the whole, this change would encourage a whole ton of variety in dinos. Even if a “dominant strategy” emerges (i.e. everyone decides the best Thor has level 10 Atk and Crit), what happens with that last 5 levels? HP? Armor? A little extra speed to win mirror matches?

Do you build your dinos to cover their weaknesses? Or improve their strengths?

A good dino for an example might be Tragodistis. It has the highest speed among “tanks” and the highest possible normal armor at 40%, but it’s HP is low and damage is meh with a naturally low crit.

Do you further increase its speed and armor making it into a 144 speed, 70% armor dino? Or do you cover for its HP and attack weaknesses upping its HP to 5,586 and its attack to 1400 at level 26, while leaving its speed and armor lower? Or maybe you do a combination of some of these; maybe you find boosting its speed to 134 (level 7) is giving you the best outcomes, but you don’t want to go the whole way to 10 and put those levels elsewhere.

Will one set of boosts even be the best over time? Meta shifts could make 70% armor great one day, and less useful the next. Maybe then you’d want to lean into attack and speed, or speed and HP, or atk and HP.

But a huge benefit of having the ability to de-boost and re-boost dinos means there are tons more options to match meta shifts with dinos that might otherwise get left behind. Really like your Tryostronix but tired of its weird middle ground speed and lack of bulk getting it killed? Fix it, and get to keep using it.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for coming to my TED talk.


i like it all. how about creatures with excess damage like thor or erlid, where a moves damage is overkill after crit… you can still focus on speed and hp only no?? and being 40% crit already lol…

Perhaps, but having a dump stat might not be a bad thing.

If all 5 are completely viable, that means 10 different combinations that can be taken to level 10. If only 4 are viable, it makes only 6 combinations of two stats. Too many combinations might actually be a bad thing on some dinos because it increases the cost of experimenting across all options, especially as the meta is shifting too.

But even so, for the Thor example, is damage/crit really not needed? Sure, it kills most things now, but in the new system imagine running across a fully HP boosted Geminititan or Stegodeus. A level 26 Stegodeus with max HP boost investment would have 7560 health. Without any attack boosts, a 26 Thor crit DSR would only do 65% of its health. But a max damage boosted crit DSR would do about 92% of health. And obviously if it doesn’t crit that makes things much harder, so maybe that extra 20% crit becomes really appetizing. And imagine in addition to HP that Stego went with damage. Thagomizer and Rampage do just under 5000 damage to an unarmored opponent. Combined with speed down from Thagomizer (neutralizing Thor speed boost) Thor would die on the 3rd Stegodeus hit even with a maximum HP boost, whereas with damage investment instead of speed, Thor might two shot it and win.

But then Thor obviously gains a new blind spot instead.

I think that’s the benefit of extending boosts to all 5, there are going to be counter-scenarios to most builds.

it still breaks the game and can be taken advantage of to create sweeping teams. i would get rid of crit and armor but still keep your system.

perfect example that strike tower with high hp was a walk in the park for just one thor.

ill look at this all again later when i can focus. trying to drive at the moment so im not disregarding what you are saying

I don’t think we can worry too much about strike towers. They were always going to become super easy in the endgame unless they all became like the April Fools one.

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