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How to fix (cheating) stat-boosts to make it more fair

Have you faced a speed boosted Thor only to have it annihilate your entire team. Bam, bam, bam! This clearly isn’t fair, balanced or fun for the majority of players who cannot counter such an in-game threat. The same goes for any unique or legendary which is already in it’s own right overly powerful.

One way to fix the broken (cheaty) stat boosts, without totally removing them from the game, would be to limit how many stat boosts a creature can have according to it’s tier. For example only allowing a unique to boost a stat 3 times will cap how over-powered a unique can become. After all as I understood it these boost were only supposed to help lower level players get an advantage, at the moment it’s clearly being abused by top-level players wrecking everything and everyone by boosting their legends/uniques to the max. Who can compete with that (especially when we see them in lower-level battles).

It would be much better if you could boost commons up 10 times, rares 8, epics 6, legends 5 and uniques 3. That would make for a much more interesting game, and commons could actually be boosted to compete with the higher level creatures they’re facing.

It’s food for thought, what do you think? @Ludia


Saunds good but exept speed boost. Bc SpeedB is evil what make this game unlogical

Hmm yes very good point, even a Thor speed-boosted 3 times breaks the game badly enough. At least with this incremental reduction it would give people the chance to save/earn/buy enough boost to make their creatures competitive again and exceed the speed of a triple speed-boosted Thor.

So maybe the increments of each stat modifier should be drastically reduced as well, you should never be allowed to boost something up to 100%, just 10%-20% in these kinds of games give a huge advantage. I think Ludia really must go back to the drawing board with stat modifiers (as much as I’d personally like to see them completely removed from the game).

I’ve gotten wiped out, one shotted the whole team by a Thor that had 150 plus speed more than 5x already…gets very aggrivating

So make commons better in most cases than Uniques? Yeah I cannot sign off on this. We have enough problems and this just creates another one. Something along the lines of what you are thinking may hold some merit but 10 boosts versus 3 would just create different monsters and low effort ones at that.


Perhaps stat boosts should have been level-locked? They are not available to dino under level 30; end game. Once users can no longer level it gives them a way to still ‘power-up’ their team further.

Under level 30 Dino can still ‘grow’ and get more powerful, there is no reason to accelerate this growth. It is achieved by playing, gathering DNA and purchasing coins to fuse and level. End game Dino have no source of revenue, they are completed. End users can then still play to achieve more and it gives users with lower level dino something to spend to accomplish: bringing their dino to level 30 and begin to boost them.

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This seems to punish people who worked to get uniques. Not sure what the fix is, but I don’t think this is it.

I like it… except for the Miragaia implications.

I think the best fix is limit how high they can go at a time. Your highest stat boost can be no more than 3 tiers higher than your lowest. So if one dino isn’t boosted then the highest your thor can get is tier 3 boosts. It forces you to spread the boosts which in turn forces you to slow down the power creep over all.

Just limit creatures according to arena or trophies. You want to drop down and have 3k trophies, fine. But you cant put any creature over 18 on your team. The boosts will eventually fix itself. Fix the battle system to where people can only use certain levels on certain arenas. Use the blueprint from tourney. And take boosts into consideration.

@Kitalon I’ve personally only got them from daily battle incubators I would say one solution would be to just cap the boosts at the 8th tier and reimburse the in game cash to the players that are over that tier, obviously the ones that have been bought. I think it does take away the fun of the battles when your whole team is crushed by a single Dino, To be honest the game would quickly get boring if I was constantly destroying everyone without having to work for it I did have someone rage quit today when I took out there overboosted Thor with Erlindominus I select speed up as my first hit on the off chance Thors first hit doesn’t crit there’s didn’t so I cloaked to avoid the priority and took him out very satisfying the rest of there team were close to normal but the timer just ran down :joy:

The thing is the moment the developers give up the control of balancing, the players will take over and mess everything up. 9 out of 10 times people will just over-boost their most powerful creatures and use them to carry their team. It’s a challenge knowing which dinosaurs to boost to be able to counter these mega-meta definers. Boosts should definitely be capped for higher tiers. Boosts were introduced to be more beneficial for lower-level players, why are they handing out more boosts the higher the arena you’re in. It’s totally disproportionate and makes it harder for lower-level players to progress (let alone catch up). I don’t know what they’re going to do to mitigate the damage to the game but it’ll almost certainly be too little too late now that the horse has bolted. If only they’d released everything else in 1.7 except for the addition of stat modifiers, it would’ve been a really good update.

Agreed once they had ironed out some of the bugs on it’s release apart from boosts it’s a cool update, I’m very worried because I do love the game hopefully they won’t just give up on it I’ve been playing it since near enough it’s release and still I’m not bored of it