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How to Fix Dodgers

We already know about Procerathomimus and G2 Indoraptor. Personally, I think G1 Indo is still just fine. She’s a good girl. Kelenken and Ornithomimus still dominate in tournaments.

Do y’all think Kelenken and Ornithomimus need reduction, or do they fit in fine with their competition (Giraffatitan, Entelodon)?

Do you think evaders in general need nerfing, or just a select few?
What do you think should be done? Rework dodge again? Decrease stats? Change movesets?

I’m in favor of stat reduction for Procerathomimus, Kelenken, and Ornithomimus. Indo G2 just needs some things (note the plural) off Cautious Strike, and then it’ll be a good dino. Indo G2 is intended to be among the most powerful legendaries, I’m sure, and she can stay there. I don’t mind. But by this much? That I mind.

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Dodgers just got back to where they should have been. They don’t need a nerf.


How to fix dodgers?

Make some nullifiers worth having - like monostego was.


Maybe if Quetzorion were more common…

she can be now. pterasaurs are in sancs. it will take a bit.


Rework the kits from some of the old dinos fox example dilo, utah, and toura to be counters to dodgers. Indo gen 2 and maxima get definite rampage back. Reduce health on maxima and make indo gen2 and actual defensive dino by removing the speed up and precise abilities(from what I can tell its an eh ability so far)from cautious strike.