How to fix giant crocodiles and improve T.rex and Trykosaurus


Of course these are ideas, but I really spent my time thinking how to improve these animals. Let me know what do you think. And I’m sorry for my terrible English.

:crocodile:Sarcosuchus and Purussaurus, everyone love these crocodiles but are two of the biggest disappointments in the game, incredible models but nearly useless in the metagame. Their speed is ok, and even hp and armour in the right range, what they really miss is a decent way to inflict damage. Right now they are more or less like an apatosaurus with less health and without hybrids. Now, it is fair that sarco is not that great, it’s a commun that spawn everywhere, but purussaurus is a rare exclusive of the arena, it needs a boost. Purussaurus probably had the strongest jaw bite of every other animal of all times, so rise his damage up (around 600 at level 10) and give Armor Piercing Strike as base attack, or Defense Shattering Impact replacing pinning strike. So, not a lot of changes, but now you have a valid option to use.

:t_rex:T.rex and Trykosaurus are slow and tank counters. They will very rarely hit first and it’s ok, that is their role. But at least give to Rexy the possibility to kill a raptor in a one vs one fight at full health just like at the end of the first movie. How to get this? Simply with immunity as a passive ability. In this way t.rex will probably always die in two or three hits like now against the majiority of the meta, but at least his attack is usefull and won’t be useless because of a raptor or whatever nerfs it. It’s T.rex give him what he deserve.
The same with Trykosaurus but there is a bit to improve more in this case. It is an unique, if you unlock it problably you have not invested in indominus and indoraptor to level up t.rex to 20. And it is an Hybrid of three epics, indominus is a legendary hybrid of an epic and the most commun, the same for indoraptor. Trykosaurus MUST be worth it. So it absolutely needs a boost to his damage and health, it should be nearer to the t.rex stats at the same level. For the moves: Thagomizer, it even has the spikes at the end of the tail so in this way he can compensate for his puor spead, no more need for expose week spot thanks to the better stats, or maybe you can replace instant invincibility. Finally it needs Defense Shattering Rampage in spite of Armor Piercing Rampage.


I agree that the Crocs are just useless I think REXYneeds a health buff like maybe 10% I don’t know about the trykosaurus since I haven’t unlocked it yet .


Give the sarco a “death roll” like a real croc that does pinning dmg, DoT for 3 turns, and it might stand a chance.


If T-rex had immunity he wouldn’t need more health


Hmm…I remember scientists said Sarco just could’t use death roll.
By the way, it’s just a common creature.

But Purussaurus could use death roll, and as a rare creature, more deserve to be buff.


Totally agree purrosauros right now is just disappointing :expressionless:


And another creature must be improve in my opinion is Suchotator.

Because of Irritator Gen2 DNA is only allowed to collected from incubator (especially pvp incubator), this make Suchotator obviously more difficult to power up than other rare hybrid.
(Majundasuchus and Einiasuchus, both are useful in battle especially when you don’t have so much epic or higher dinos)

But both Suchomimus and Irritator gen2 got 120+ spd (Suchomimus 124, Irritatorr Gen2 122),
Suchotator only got 115…
Also, without “ready to crush” skill, It’s really hard for Suchotator to generate big damage.


Actually, tweaks need to be made all over. The amphibians are pointless, as they die in one or two hits, with no counter ability. The crocs as they stand now aren’t too useful. Let’s get some actual paleontologists to teach Ludia more about what’s known about these animals. Make the creatures 3d representations of what science currently knows about dinosaurs.

Epic Rex stands out as being a bit more underpowered than it needs to be. If those tiny arms could rip smaller dino in two (they were connected to a literal wall of muscle), then the dino in-game should be just as threatening. Up the speed a little more on ALL of the different types of tyrannosaur. They weren’t slower than a steg, could outrun a sauropod, and were faster than armored dinos. Their stats now kinda suck.


While I do agree that Rex needs a buff, I disagree that this buff should be immunity. Rex has a very high health, the highest attack in all of the game, and a high crit chance. Right now you can keep her under control by using debuffs, but with immunity, she would be a beast. She would become way too op and battle would be even more unbalanced.

What Rexy needs imo is a bit more health. Enough to take 2 hits from a raptor and to endure a bit more attacks from other dinosaurs. Since as it is right now, she has high health but that health lowers very fast without armor or speed and sometimes she doesn’t even live enough to hit twice. I believe that with a health increase, she would have the chance to bite some more times and do real damage.

Another option would be increasing damage, but I believe her damage is good as it is, she only needs to survive enough to use attacks.


That’s the idea, he should oneshot the raptor.


Currently, my experience in battling in arenas I observe 3 major categories - speedy hard hitting raptors, defensive tanks and armor piercing rexes - kind of like a rock, paper, scissors thing - tanks wall raptors, rexy crunches tanks, raptors kills rexies… mostly that kind of strategy. Rarely see crocodilians …


I think that immunity is ok beacuse in this way rex will always die in the same amount of turns, but at least it could do the full damage, with highter hp you obtain the same result ad the end but in more rounds or even less damage it depends on how much hp it gains. T.rex already has the max hp of the meta, so I belived that immunity could have been a good choise.

What do you think about trykosaurus? I know that pratically nobody has it, me neither, but it is disappointing that this unique triple rare hybrid is not whorth it. I love his design and that it is a rex and anchilosaurus mix, so it deserve a buff.


Exactly, I just think Rex needs more rounds. I like the way she works, she just needs to last a bit longer to attack one or two times more on average. Immunity is too op - in fact, I am an advocate of removing indominus’ immunity.

I cannot speak of the trykosaurus, I don’t have it and I have never faced it in combat so I don’t know, sorry :confused:


That’s why they need to be improved.