How to fix my team?


I’ve been struggling to stay in Arena 8 ever since the update and I suspect it’s my team and awful battle skills that are the problem. Here’s what I have so far, what should I switch out or power up?


I really think your team is pretty good, I am not able to help you but I do a UP on this, so meaby this post will be more visibile.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ve been on a losing streak the past 48 hours, bouncing between Sorna Marshes and Jurassic Ruins. When I looked at my opponents’ teams, I found that they have similar dinos at levels close to mine (maybe one level or two higher). I don’t know if I should switch out one of my dinos or level up something else.

I definitely need all the help there is! I suck at battles. :joy:


You should definetively grinding all the dna you can, then take your time to see what is the best investments for your coins. Good luck :wink:


Thanks! I need all the luck there is too :rofl:

Actually, would Allosinosaurus be a good one to put on my team? What should it replace? I’ve got about 1200 Sino dna but have been torn between leveling up level 16 Allosinosaurus or saving it for Utarinex.


Get stegodeus and stegoceratops up. Can you get moninimus up? What about tryo? Scrap dilo, the nerf was too much for him.


I don’t have enough Gallimimus dna to level up Monomimus (another reason I’m trying to stay in Arena 8). My Tryo is also stuck at level 17 due to lack of DNA. I’ve tried buying incubators and spent about 3 to 4 hours driving slowly everyday to hunt for the epics but no luck.

What should I replace Diloranosaurus with? Should I use my Sino dna to level up my Allosinosaurus?


I’d replace your dilorano with pyrritator. He’s squishy, but fast and hits hard. He’s a good closer. Dilorano’s nerf was just too much.

Edit: You should power up your Allosinosaurus regardless. If you have enough dna to make it at least lvl 18, replace dilorano with it. If not, stick with pyrritator for now.


Looks like my Pyrritator is going to be stuck at level 18 for a while since I used up all the Irritator dna already :joy: What kind of dino is Pyrritator good against?

Also, I think I may have pvp-ed against you recently.


Maybe. I’m TheFETT in game. I tried changing my username here to match that, but looks like I’m stuck with my real name haha.

Pyrritator is viable as a closer. Never open with him. Use him if you need a fast, hard hitting dino to end the match. With 129 speed he’ll be faster than most dinos allowing you to get a final, hard hitting attack in.

For example, a game I played earlier today was 2-2 and the other player had a stegodues around 1500 hp, about to use armor piercing rampage. My current dino couldn’t take the hit, but my fresh pyrritator barely could. I switched, took the hit, and had my pyrritator win the game doing x2 damage.

He’s definitely not apex tier, but you’ll get further with him than you will with dilorano. If you can get your Allosinosaurus to lvl 18-20, ignore everything I just said and use him. With the update, he’s pretty much apex now. Definitely a good tank buster with his new shield shattering moves.


Well, I just gave you a lengthy reply and the automated system temporarily hid my post. It had zero questionable content. Hopefully a mod unlocks it soon. This forum’s censorship is an absolute joke sometimes.


Looking forward to reading your answer when it does get unlocked.

Tried to use Pyrritator just now but got thrashed. I don’t think I’m using her correctly :frowning:


Well ignore the Allosinosaurus bit since we talked about that in the previous thread, but the pyrritator bit is still valid. I’m jealous of all your sino dna. Of all the epics it’s the one I see the least.


I’m still trying to figure out how best to use Pyrritator. Which moves should I be using in order with her?

I drive past Zone 1 when I go to my client site and Sino seems to spawn in the same area everyday. There was one day when I managed to catch 5. :heart_eyes:


For me personally, I’d pull Stegoceratops and Diloranosaurus out and put Monomimus and Tryostronix in for better versatility.