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How to fix PvP (in general)

After Yespa’s post regarding the new battle mode, I thought I’d share my personal suggestion regarding PvP in general (since some of the issues Yespa touches on affect all PvP) that I think will really improve the game:

The problem, fundamentally, is the bots. Using bots to fill in for humans when they aren’t available makes the trophy count essentially limitless. Over time, as players get more spread out in the rankings, they play more and more bots, until eventually we don’t play other humans ever. At this point, the rankings don’t show who the strongest players are; they show who has the most time on their hands. That’s not a true leaderboard. Here’s how we fix it.

  1. Adjust the trophy levels for the arenas so that 2500 is the requirement for Vault of Dragons. This is mainly because 2500 is a nice number. In addition, the last fight that gets you to 2500 should only give you enough trophies to get to exactly 2500.
  2. Players should be excluded from the global leaderboard until they reach the Vault of Dragons, and once a player does reach that level, they cannot be returned to lower arenas. This is key for step 5.
  3. If this isn’t already the case, ensure that actual PvP fights earn the same number of trophies for the winner as the loser loses.
  4. Acknowledge that bots exist. It’s an open secret, but by acknowledging their existence you can make one major change…
  5. Eliminate bot trophy rewards in the Vault of Dragons. This is huge. Bots provide all other rewards (kills, XP, chests if you have free slots), but by not providing trophies, the number of trophies available in the Vault of Dragons is now fixed at 2500 times the number of players in the Vault and the only way to increase your rank is taking down other players. The strongest players will naturally have the largest share of these trophies. Of course, roughly half of all Vault players will end up with fewer than 2500 trophies, but because of the change from step 2, they won’t get kicked out (essentially, Arenas 1-6 become qualifiers for Arena 7).
  6. Adjust trophy reward in the Vault (and maybe everywhere else too) to be based on calculated odds. For example, let’s say the reward ranges from 0-50. 0 would be the hypothetical reward for winning a match where you have a 100% chance of winning, and 50 the hypothetical reward when you have a 0% chance of winning. This means that when you get paired against an opponent who completely outclasses you, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t lose much if you are ultimately defeated. But, you still have an incentive to fight because should you pull off a miraculous victory, you stand to gain a LOT.

Thoughts on this idea are much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Number 5 I had already made that suggestions

Good! The more of us who repeat a suggestion, the greater the chance they’ll actually listen :slight_smile:

I am currently in first place and generally think that everything you have proposed would be a great improvement. I am now 9-0 when head to head against the person in second place but they leap frog me every night when I go to sleep no matter how far in advance I am. Conversely, there is one player who destroyed me the few times we played right after the release came out but they must not play very often so now there is a big gap and I don’t get matched up with that player.

The only tricky thing is I’m sure it is very difficult for the system to match up players without making an unreasonably long wait time to pair. So I’d suggest maybe two hours during the day spread out so different time zones could partiicpate where either it was the only time trophies could be won/lost (that probably isn’t feasible) or maybe trophies are double or triple the value. So if you want to go toe to toe with the toughest foes you know where to find them and the rewards are greater.

Thank you for the suggestions, jpblum.

You’re welcome!

@gpinsky1313, I am not arguing for the removal of bots from the PvP system because you’re right; currently there aren’t enough actual players to keep wait times reasonably short. All I’m saying is that trophies should be limited to matches with actual players, that way trophies become a measure of how often you win against other players, not how many matches you play period. This way people can continue to fight bots to collect kills, XP, and chests when people aren’t available without inflating their trophy count to the point where they stop matching up with other humans altogether.

I should also note that matchups should be selected based on current trophy count alone. This will result in a lot of mismatches at the beginning and some more along the way but that’s where Step 6 comes in. Mismatches are less of a problem when losing a fight where you’re 3-4 levels too low is going to cost you <15 trophies but winning a fight where you’re 1-2 levels too low will win you about 30.

Just curious how much you’ve paid to get where you are and if you have any recommendations on where to expend/gather resources.

I have no problem with bots. There are lots of problems, but this one would fix a lot of the frustration in PvP.

  1. Each PvP fight matches a team of four characters in which each team has the same number of characters at the same level ie. If one team has one level 11, one level 9, and two level 10 characters then so does the other team. Now you could go further making same character same level and assuring if one team has the cleric or bard then both teams do, but if you’d just start matching teams that are equal in level there’d be a lot less frustration. Now tjat would require using bots more often at high levels, but so what you’re facing a team of equal levels instead of one where everyone is several levels ahead of you. Plus players get the added joy that they might occasionally get to play PvP as their best team instead of usually having their B team as half or more of their PvP squad.

How much I’ve paid is a pretty personal matter and not something I keep track of anyway. I definitely don’t shy away from spending money which I know is a luxury so I wouldn’t debate that part of the game is unfair. Honestly I think mostly spending money is a waste. If I could back what I would do is pretty much only spend money on the 20% off deals on diamonds. Then I would play the explore rooms, challenges when they are free, and focus all my other time in the Arena. With enough diamonds you can convert battle chests that you win and buy the equipment packs once a day. You may not get to number one but you wouldn’t spend a lot of money and will progress very steadily.

Oh and definitely do NOT buy legendary packs or do anything to chase legendary equipment. They are cool at first but don’t advance like the other rarities so you end up not equipping them most of the time. To max out a legendary item you need to get 17 copies of it which seems pretty impossible only getting one at a time and not always the same one.