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How to fix the class system

Right now the 3 part class system is broken. Resilients are everywhere in the game right now and are the best class in the “rock paper scissors system”.

The way it is supposed to be- resilient beats cunning, cunning beats fierce, fierce beats resilient.
How it is- resilient beats fierce and cunning, cunning beats fierce,

A fierce like mortem rex should be able to beat hadros lux and ceramagnus but right now this is just not the case. This ruins the class system completely and something needs to be done to fix this. wether we give resilients less attack or fierce more health. Something needs to be done to fix this problem.


I am fine if the apex resilient can beat feirce. But apex feirce should beat resilient and unique feirce should beat resilient. The only thing that can make it possible is to lower the speed of resilient or higher the speed of feirce.