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How to fix the madness of the game right now

Bring back the old trophy system but implement arena trophy gate. Basically, you prevent trophy to drop below arena requirement e.g. you can’t have less than 4500 trophy once you reach Avairy.

The benefit of this method.

  • Prevent arena dropper
  • Team strength will slowly determine which trophy range you belong to. In the end, the boost monster will face each other.
  • As a result, you can sell as much boost as you want.

100% on your side! It’s super annoying to drop arenas.

Retribution of the Ended

To me, besides the discussion over stat boosts, batlles should only be based on average strength of team. Not trophie count.
My opinion is that a common dino never should be better than a rare one, a rare one never better than a epic one etc…

So the combination of speed, health, damage and moveset of a common dino should never be better than a rare one etc…
(why design a unique dino(which should be unique!) when a common one can beat him???)

So only by less better tactics of the player a common can win over a rare one, an rare over an epic etc…

So Ludia should redesign all combinations of 4(speed, health, damege and moveset) of a lot of dino’s.

Every team(with or without stat boosts) has a average level.

For instance an average lvl 25 team of all epics can battle against an average lvl 25 team of legendaries. Normally with the same level of tactic playing the legendary team should win and is this a message to the player of the epic team to go hunt dna and get those legendary dino’s. And of course if it is an team of all kind of dino’s(common, rare, epic etc) than it will be also a message if u lose a lot to go hunt for better dino’s.

And with this matchmaking it is a lot less possible that an average lvl team of 25 meets an average lvl team of 27.

I think this will make batteling more balanced and it is even more necessary to go hunt for dna.

The current matchmaking is mainly by average team strength. The definition of strength meaning 1 speed boost equals 1 damage boost.