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How to gain a lot of food?

i am at the point of having erliphosaurus, but my erlikosaur is too greedy, do you know how to gain a lot of food?

Food Harbor and Trades.


already looked, I even made a hell of a dumpling … I traded a velociraptor in exchange for 350 870 food in the custom exchanges, but the merchant wanted my velociraptor in exchange for 680 900 food, but I had already exchanged the velociraptor …

Keep apato fossils in your market, they get 1 million food for trade offers.


decoration for food trades, both AF’s and JH’s. Also coin for food trades.

Sometimes you can work the system a bit and actually do food for coin trades, say like 10M food for 30M coins for so, then later get a coin for food trade that gives you more than 10M

Honestly, you could do with saving on all your resources for a while.


Trade harbour (apato fossils to food gives 850,000-1.1 million) and upgrade your food prod facility and have it set off constantly


I still don’t have an apatosaurus.

They are talking about apatosaurus fossil, it’s a decoration.


ho! thanks for the help! I had totally forgotten this decoration … for a moment, I thought you were talking about Jurassic World evolution …

do you have any other ideas? in case? if not, it really doesn’t matter, I could wait until tomorrow.

The methods already mentioned are literally your only options that are in your control. It would be worth spending some time saving on your resources as you’ll also get Coin > Food trade offers when you have more in the bank too.


A decoration that can gain you a big food is the Horizon Observatory: one can give you cca. 450k. Apatosaur Fossil is the best, but John Hammond Statues are even very good. If you don’t wanna soend many coins you can also try with a Tar Pit. But the best ones are with acquatic Super Rares and Legendaries a Super Rare can give you 1 mil food, while legendaries are between 2.5 mil and 4mil in some cases. Jurassics are a tad bit better than Cenos also. Mods don’t give you much food. Hope to have been helpful.

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On one of my daughters games that I really don’t play much other than coin collecting and trade harbor stuff it is easy to get lots of food just working the trade harbor and decoration for food trades.

Spending DBs on upgrading the food production is a waste IMO unless you are swimming in DBs

Step 1 is you need the coin production to support buying lots of apato fossils and or JH memorials every day. Before D2’s coin production was as good as it is now we would mainly save up some coins, buy a couple AF’s and JH’s and then either trade those for food or coins. Wash rinse repeat until we had at least 10M food give or take, then trade that food for like 30M coins or more depending on how much food we had.

We were more interested in coins at the time as that would allow us to buy lots of decorations for boosting coins in the park and stocking decorations so we could take any decent trades in the TH. Getting food for these decorations is one of the most common trades you get offered, it is not unusual to get 10M food per day doing this.

Once you have lots of coins and you can just support your decoration buying from collecting from park dino’s then it becomes even easier and you can start taking coins for food trades more frequently. Like I mentioned before you can go back and forth with food and coins and keep getting more. I do it on my account all the time. Ex. 10M food for 30M coins, 35M coins for 20M food, another 15M food for 45M coins, 65M coins for 25M food, something like that. (just using made up trade offers to make point)

It’s easy

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i am going to have an erliphosaurus!Screenshot_20210315-202841 Screenshot_20210315-202856

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Happy to have been helpful!

thank you @Therizino2.0 , thank you everyone!
Here it is, level 6.


Very good!