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How to get 1.9.30

I was told to download the mini-update manually to get 1.9.30, but I don’t see the update option in the Updates page of the App Store.

If you’re on iphone, they said it would come later.

Lo and behold, I do have an iPhone. I suppose that 1.9.30 came early for android users (mildly agitated)?

In all honesty, I just want Dsungaripterus to NOT be an ugly mannequin.

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I guess Apple just reviews it for longer than the Google Play Store.

Fingers crossed it comes tomorrow. Or at the very least, Sunday.

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what changed in .30?

From what I could tell:

Dsungaripterus got her texture back

Smilonemys got the nerf treatment

VIP issues resolved

That is all I know for now.

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