How to get a I rex really quik

Hey guys, How can I get a I rex really quikly?

Well first you need to be level 50-some (54 I think) for the T-Rex unlock.

I-Rex is a hybrid from T-Rex and Velociraptor so you will need 8 cards of the each.

Second, it isn’t very smart just to get I-Rex without a well rounded team. If you plan on developing a balanced team then you really can’t rush it.

In the end it is a game and you get to choose how to play so if you want to skip the second point, just get xp as fast as you can (do missions, etc)

Hope this helps!


Thanks dude, and yeah I do have lvl 40 raptor but i am on lvl 52 in the game and still need to increase 2 more levels for the t rex unlock.

There is as such no quick way to play normally and without paying.

We had an I-REX gyrosphere a couple of weeks ago, that was a very good opportunity, it was no different than the previous gyrospheres. We have shared several tips to come out a winner in the event.

After that, it is to play and play until you achieve the above. T-rex is usually common at events with legendary envelopes as prizes. Being a predator will surely increase your chances of getting T-rex without having to unlock it.

The other option that I can think of, but that may not be very viable for you is in the I-Rex tournament that has been repeated for 2 years in June. Although I suppose you want I-REx to improve your chances of being dominant, so maybe it is not the best option.


Other than that, there is not playing for a while and praying you get it. That was how i got it(I didn’t pray lol)