How to get better at darting?


So I watch Poke Fodder and Pocemon on YouTube and I seriously envy their darting numbers. My numbers have gotten better as I played but today with T-Rex my highest darting number was 67. My account is level 9 so perfect hits yeild 15 each. I’m just not that good at darting and I was wondering if the community had some suggestions.


I find TRex specifically is very hard to get good DNA from. I’m level 8 which gets 13 from a direct hit and my best on a TRex today was 51. I’m generally pretty good for getting DNA from most dinos, including epics, but for TRex I find it really hard to get good dna consistently. No idea why though.


Darting some creatures is just plain tough…Increasing you account level to boost the amount of DNA you receive per direct hit is always a plus, but it does take time.

One suggestion that I might have is to go out of your way to dart Commons that present similar darting patterns to the creatures you struggle the most with–i.e. target placement on Tarbosaurus and Allosaurus are similar to T-Rex, targets on Velociraptor are similar to Pyroraptor, etc. Obviously the target placement on Commons isn’t an exact representation of what you’ll be facing, but it’ll get you used to how the model moves on the map, how to deal with the creature taking sharp turns, etc.

Otherwise, just gotta keep practicing and darting those dinos! You’ll get those big DNA numbers eventually.


You think T-rex is hard ?.. try nodopatosaurus when you have the chance… now thats a challenge :wink:


I second that, and the spinosaurus gen 2… absolutely absurd to dart.


Try the Indo Raptor. THAT was insane!! One shot during that special event and that thing zig zagged and darted forward quickly. Was nuts.

That being said. I find the TRex to be difficult. I think 95 is my highest for him and I’m a level 12.


I find that if the target is a tail, I miss it. Also the target on Parasaurolophus’ head is sometimes difficult.

But practice practice practice.


My personal darting tips when darting a dino I really want:

  • If your screen is at all glitchy restart your phone / game before darting the park dinos. It will wait.

  • Unplug your phone from the charger. My Galaxie 6 sometimes lags when on a charger.

  • Wait until the circle is large and crosshairs are solid in the center. Dino isn’t going anywhere.

  • Be STILL before letting go of the first dart. It’s hard to aim while moving.

  • Use whichever finger works best - not your thumb. My middle finger is more precise than my index finger when you need to change directions because dino took a left turn.

  • Get in as many shots as possible. Waiting for the perfect shot doesn’t get you more DNA.

  • For T-Rex (and similar epic) know they “escape” with 3 to 4 seconds left on the clock. So when you miss getting that last dart to fly just know it happens to most of us.

  • Lastly, the more you dart the more “motor reflex” you obtain. Just dart dinos to become better. It’s like throwing excellent curveballs in pokemon go - you just keep doing it until it becomes natural.

Hope this helps.


This works for me for all the dinos, except T-Rex :sob: Even if I live in local spawn number 4 and I dart Allosauri and Sucomini on a daily basis… My best dna collected is about 50 all the time… and I am level 11 :roll_eyes:


Who remember event where you had one shot at Indoraptor?? It was so “easy” you could barely hit it, I got some embarrassing score like 28 :rofl::rofl:


I wasn’t around for that but I had a similar experience with Utasinoraptor. 23 I think :joy:


The only way for me to get better is having a freind do it for me cause I stink! Almost level 16 and I still can never break 200 even with the slowest common!

Only way I might get better is if the game started razzing me! Instead of good when I get 55 it should say jeez are you pathetic!